Dr Oz: Salicylic Acid Acne Remedy, Lactic Acid for Dry Skin + Wrinkles


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Acids To Rejuvenate Your Skin

If someone asked you to put acid on your face, you might resist that suggestion. But Dr Oz said it can rejuvenate your skin. Check the ingredient labels in the beauty aisle for Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid.

Dermatologist Dr Doris Day was on the show to talk about the natural uses of acid to treat skin conditions. But with so many choices on the marketplace, it can be overwhelming for consumers. She visited Dr Oz to help clear things up and set the record straight about acidic beauty products.


Dr Oz: Glycolic Acid for Wrinkles

Dr Oz: Salicylic Acid Acne Remedy, Lactic Acid for Dry Skin + Wrinkles

Do you have wrinkles, dry skin, or acne? A dermatologist showed Dr Oz how finding the right type of acid product can help to reverse the damage to skin.

Wrinkles are a beauty problem associated with aging, but Dr Doris Day and Dr Oz had a solution you can turn to as a fix for this issue. Glycolic Acid works to fight wrinkles.

“Aging is a privilege, but getting old is optional,” Dr Day said. She explained that the skin is different on the top and bottom of a wrinkle. Glycolic Acid or Alpha Hydroxy Acid helps to exfoliate damage and stimulate new collagen. Look for a 10% formulation on the formula to attempt to reduce aging.


One patient explained that her neck wrinkles cleared up quickly, and Dr Day told her that fine lines clear up earlier, whereas deeper forehead wrinkles could require a longer course of treatment.

How does it work? Dr Oz explained that the epidermis is the top layer of skin, above the dermis. The skin can change and stop bouncing back quite as well. As your top layer of skin sheds, fine lines can disappear as the collagen rejuvenates your skin.

Dr Oz: Lactic Acid for Dry Skin

Many people have dry skin, but Dr Day had an acidic solution for this problem as well: Lactic Acid. Find a 12% concentration on the label of your chosen product. This is a more gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which is also a humectant, which pulls and retains water in the skin.

Dry, cracked skin is more at risk for infection. The audience patient who tried this treatment said it made her skin feel clean, smooth and fresh. Dr Day told Dr Oz you can use this all over your body, not just on your face.

Dr Oz: Salicylic Acid Acne Remedy

Another common problem for all ages is Acne. But Salicylic Acid can help to address this frequently mentioned issue. Cleansers, Creams and drugstore treatments could all contain Salicylic Acid. Look for something with up to 2% over the counter.

Peeling off the top layer can encourage the skin to rejuvenate. Dr Doris Day told Dr Oz that many of these products are available at your corner drugstore for $10 or less.


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