Dr Oz: Rose Oil Cost Vs Rosehip Oil Exfoliant Psoriasis Treatment


Dr Oz: Rose Oil Amazing Balm for Skin

For centuries, cultures have been using roses as a natural skin care product. Dr Oz explored how Rosehip Oil could help you look even more beautiful. Learn about its exfoliant properties, benefits, and cost.

Distilled from bushes grown in the Andes Mountains, Rose Oil is believed to have many beauty properties. Joy, a Dr Oz audience member, joined him to learn more. She has used Coconut Oil and Almond Oil on her skin in the past.


Dr Oz: Rosehip Oil Exfoliant

Dr Oz: Rose Oil Cost Vs Rosehip Oil Exfoliant Psoriasis Treatment

If you are looking for a beautiful natural oil to use on your skin for beauty, Dr Oz suggested trying Rosehip Oil, an exfoliant that locks in moisture.

Rose Oil is an effective natural exfoliant, and Dr Oz said it is sometimes called “Mother Nature’s Retin-A.” This will help to remove old, dead skin, helping brown spots to clear up as well. This can also help Collagen to build up beneath your skin, leaving you with a natural glow.

Dr Oz: Rose Hip Oil Psoriasis Treatment

Roses come in many colors and Rosehip Oil has a variety of benefits. Rose Oil can work to repair the skin, which it does by taking the appearance of Eczema and Psoriasis from dessicated and dry to a more normal, fluffy, hydrated state, locking in moisture in part thanks to the benefit of additional essential fatty acids.


Dr Oz: Rose Oil Cost Vs Rosehip Oil Cost

You may think that something this effective comes with a hefty price tag. But Dr Oz said that it is actually very affordable. Sometimes oils can cost more than you expected, but a quick survey found that women don’t want to pay much more than about $10 per bottle for the oils they use on their skin.

Dr Oz said that an average Rose Oil contains 60,000 petals per ounce, which can run the cost up to around $200 per bottle. However, you can use Rose Hip Oil, which comes from the entire plant, is much more affordable, at approximately $10 per bottle.

Dr Oz: Ways To Use Rose Hip Oil

Dr Oz said that you should apply Rose Hip Oil to your skin right as you get out of the shower, because your skin will still be moist, and it can help to lock that in. He also suggested adding a drop or two into your moisturizer each day to get the benefits and make it last longer.


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