Dr Oz: Reverse Damage From Hair Treatments + DIY Hair Mask


Dr Oz: “Wrecked By Beauty” Disasters

The beauty industry has made it easier than ever to achieve thicker hair, fuller lashes, and longer nails. But at what cost? Each day, more horror stories are being shared by women whose scalps were burned by chemicals, eyes were damaged by treatments, and nails were practically ruined. Every day, women are “wrecked by beauty” and left permanently scarred. So what’s underneath the popular beauty treatments so many of us use regularly? Is there a way to reverse the damage before it’s too late?

Dr Oz: Beauty Nightmares & Damage From Hair Treatments

Dr Oz shared images of burns, scars, cuts, rashes, scrapes, and more. He first turned to Dee, who has been wearing hair extensions for ten years. She was brave enough to take her extensions out for the first time in a decade right there on the show. But first she explained that that the damage began when she was just a child. She was young and her first real experience with a beauty process was getting a relaxer. She was too young to really know what she was doing so she kept doing it. Then, in an effort to keep up with trends she started using extensions, sew-ins, crochet braids, and more, continuing the damage she was doing to her hair and her scalp.



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