Dr Oz: Real Housewife Claudia Jordan + Corns Home Remedy


Dr Oz: Claudia Jordan

Dr Oz welcomed Claudia Jordan from Real Housewives of AtlantaClaudia recently revealed that she’s been living with multiple corns on her feet. Dr Oz first wanted to know which annoyed her more, her corns or fellow housewife Nene Leakes. Claudia said her corns are annoying, but “they’re nowhere near as obnoxious as Nene Leakes.”

Claudia said they’ve worked together before and was surprised that they immediately had issues.


Dr Oz: Claudia Jordan Corns

Dr Oz: Real Housewife Claudia Jordan + Corns Home Remedy

Real Housewife of Atlanta Claudia Jordan opened up about her embarrassing foot condition and Dr Oz shared his best home remedy for treating it. (wackystuff / flickr)

Claudia then opened up about her corns, explaining that she’s had them ever since college. She was an All-American track athlete in college, and would wear track spikes that were too small, because she felt like they gripped the track better. But when she took off her shoes, her feet were incredibly irritated.

Then, she became a model on Deal or No Deal and spent upwards of 19 hours a day in heels. Dr Oz then wanted to take a look at Claudia’s feet, and pulled out his “corn cam” to show everyone an up-close look at her feet. She admitted that she was incredibly insecure about her feet, so it was a big deal for her to show them off.


Dr Oz: What Are Corns?

Dr Oz then explained that corns are a natural occurrence caused by hard, thickened layers of skin. She had a big one on her pinky toe, and Dr Oz said not wearing socks can make them worse. Having hammer toes or bunions can make them worse, and while Claudia didn’t have any bunions, she did have a bit of a hammer toe.

Claudia said her feet seemed to get a little better when she started wearing flats more often, and said that surprisingly, the more expensive shoes were even more damaging to her feet.

Dr Oz: Claudia Jordan Sharing Her Flaws

Claudia said she would rather take ownership of her flaws than have someone else pointing them out, so although it’s humiliating, she wanted to talk about her corns. Claudia said since it’s happened, she’s gotten so many pictures of people’s feet that are either just as bad or even worse. Dr Oz said she’s become “the corn queen.”

Claudia said she’s seen a couple doctors but hasn’t been happy with what they’ve told her. She said she was hurting her body long term for a cosmetic issue. Dr Oz said the reasons for foot surgery are pain, pain, and more pain.

Dr Oz: Home Remedy For Corns

Since he didn’t want to touch her feet with a scalpel, he had a home remedy for her. It’s a foot bath made with apple cider vinegar, which softens the skin, and you soak your feet for about 15 minutes. He said filing with a pumice stone can help a little bit too. Then, afterward dab with castor oil and let it soak. The corns will get softer over time.

Dr Oz then instructed that Claudia wear flat shoes more often, because constantly wearing heels will only make it worse. Dr Oz said he had corn cover-ups for her, and handed her stickers with Nene Leakes’ face on them.


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