Dr Oz: PZI Classic Skinny Jeans & Not Your Daughters Jeans Review


Dr Oz’s Curvy Girl’s Guide: Jeans Review

Whether you’re slimming down your curves or simply maintaining your figure, it’s important to know how and where you can find flattering clothes at any size. That’s why Dr Oz’s Curvy Girl’s Guide also explored the perfect jeans by reviewing brands that accommodate varying body types. Check out Paige Jeans Peg Skinny Jeans Review, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, PZI Classic Skinny Jeans, and Sinclair Fixed Legging Jeans to find out the best brands and styles for your body type. Plus, learn about the Microwave Meal Diet and Recipes for Your Body Type.

Dr Oz's Curvy Girl's Guide: Jeans Review

The Dr Oz's Curvy Girl's Guide continued with Jeans Reviews for every body type & problem area, including hips, butt, thighs & more.


Daisy Lewellen and Dr Oz agreed that finding the right jeans is difficult at any size. Particularly with different types and shapes of curves, it can be difficult to find that perfect pair. But Daisy shared some fashion finds that could help you get the right jeans after all. Read on for Dr Oz Jeans Review.

Dr Oz’s Curvy Girl’s Guide: Paige Jeans Peg Skinny Jeans Review

Do you have a big belly that makes putting on the perfect pants a chore? Paige Jeans Peg Skinny Jeans could be the right pair for you. Gina was in the audience, and she bravely showed her muffin top before trying out these jeans.

Gina loved the fit of the Paige Jeans, which are available at TJ Maxx. If you have a large stomach, try to find jeans with a higher waist that are monochromatic. This will mitigate the appearance of your belly.


Dr Oz’s Curvy Girl’s Guide: Not Your Daughter’s Jeans Review

April’s issue was her curvy thighs, and the narrow jeans she showed off in her before picture drew attention to her problem area. But she tried out a full length pair of dark wash jeans. The Not Your Daughter’s brand have a subtle flair, and the deep blue tone minimizes the appearance of thighs. Daisy suggested that your pants leg should hit the top of your shoe.

Dr Oz’s Curvy Girl’s Guide: PZI Classic Skinny Jeans Review

If large hips are your biggest challenge in finding jeans, skip Capri Pants altogether, because their boxy look won’t flatter you. Raina was the audience volunteer with this problem, and she modeled dark washed full length jeans. PZI Jeans are designed with curvy women in mind; generally, if you’re playing down your hips, you want a structured fit and a flat front.

Dr Oz’z Curvy Girl’s Guide: Sinclair Fixed Legging Jeans Review

For those ladies with big butts, there’s a solution out there. Try the Sinclair Fixed Legging Jeans, which stretch like leggings. You can also search for products made with Lycra that can stretch to flatter your shape.

Will you be buying any of the jeans from Dr Oz’s list? Let us know what you think.


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