Dr Oz: Protect Hair From Heat Damage + Chemical-Free Beach Waves


Dr Oz: Protect Your Hair From Damage

For the first time, Dr Oz set up a pop-up hair clinic backstage, with Kim Kimble from L.A. Hair. Audience members were getting hair consultations while Dr Oz discussed some of the most common hair issues. First up was one of the most common hair complaints: heat damage. Kim first turned Jen Bradford, who was with a woman named Alicia. Jen pointed out that Alicia had dry, brittle ends as the result of blow-drying and styling with heat products.

Jen suggested Alicia use a microfiber hair turban on her hair as soon as she gets out of the shower. It will remove some of the moisture from Alicia’s hair, while reducing frizz. Then, once her hair is dryer, she can apply a serum to achieve shinier, healthier hair.



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