Dr Oz: One Minute Workout to Rid Cellulite & 3 Lotion Cellulite Cream


Dr Oz: Cellulite Solutions

Nearly every woman in America has some sort of cellulite and none of them want that cellulite. And after Dr. Oz tackled varicose veins and picking the right bra size, he had to tackle the cellulite problem.

Dr. Oz called on the help of dermatologist Dr. Heidi Waldorf to get a good solution to every woman’s cellulite problem. But she said it is not that easy. Cellulite is complex and no one has the perfect answer for getting rid of the cellulite. But she did have a solution she liked to use, that she believed would help most women.


Dr Oz: 3 Lotion Cellulite Cream

Dr Oz: One Minute Workout to Rid Cellulite & 3 Lotion Cellulite Cream

Dr. Oz calls on one expert who makes a cellulite cream from 3 different creams you might already have in your bathroom.

She said to use the following creams together for a good mixture to approve appearance:

Dr Oz: Cellulite Cream Solution

Dr. Oz said using those three lotions together is going to help improve the appearance of cellulite. He explained the antioxidant reduces the inflammation, the caffeine penetrates beneath the skin to the fat layers and the retinoid will make the skin become tight.


Dr. Waldorf said not to invest too much money in the products because cellulite will not go away completely. She said to look through what you have already, for products containing retinoid, caffeine and antioxidants.

Dr. Oz: One Minute Cellulite Workout

Trainer Elisabeth Halfpapp said she has two moves that can be done without breaking a sweat and can help get the cellulite under control. She said the moves work by squeezing out the bad toxins and pulling in new blood.

For the first move, Halfpapp said to spread the feet just past the hips. Next place your hands on your hips, pull in your abs and stand straight up. Next, squat down like a plie in ballet. Try to hold the stance for as long as you can and then repeat for one minute.

For the second exercise stand with your hands on your hip and place one leg at a 45 degree angle, behind you. Lift the leg behind you four times, holding it on the last one of four. Then repeat with the other leg for about one minute.

Technically this is a three minute exercise since you have to do each leg, but still that is not too long.

Dr Oz: What Do You Do When Life Hands You Lemons?

Dr. Oz asked viewers how they make the best of bad situation. He wanted to know what people do when life hands them lemons.

  • One woman wrote in saying when life hands her lemons she puts them in her bra to make her boobs bigger.
  • Another woman said when life hands her lemons, she learns to juggle the lemons.
  • Another woman said when life handed her a lemon, she married him.


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