Dr Oz: Lisa Lee Freeman’s Drugstore Best Buy Bargains


Dr Oz: Drugstore Shopping Tips

Are you spending too much on cosmetics and accessories? The answer is probably yes, and to help us all save a few bucks, Dr Oz invited Lisa Lee Freeman, Shopsmart Magazine editor, to share some tips that could save you as much as $100 a month. That’s some real money.

Lisa said the keys to stretching your dollar are utilizing coupons and embracing store brands. (In my experience, store brands are just as good at least 80% of the time, at a fraction of the cost. It’s that 20% you have to watch for.)


Dr Oz: Drugstore Discount Savings

The Dr Oz Show shared savings tips & advice that can really add up when shopping for drugstore products.

Doctor Oz: Drugstore Reading Glasses

Shaunie was in the audience, and she complained that she spends too much for her reading glasses at the eye doctor. According to Lisa, you should be buying these at your drugstore. Sometimes you can even find buy one, get one half off promotions, or get discounts thanks to store loyalty cards.

Dr Oz: Drugstore Savings: Makeup

Tionne said that she is always searching for the best makeup bargains, because looking beautiful can get expensive in a hurry. Lisa said you can check for daily specials at your store’s makeup counter, and be sure to scour each weekly ad to find the best prices.


She also suggested buying mini sizes of lipstick and nail polish. They’re usually cheaper, which means you can have more options in terms of colors or sample something without committing to a full size, full price version.

Also, check your store’s return policy, because you can probably return makeup you don’t like, even after you’ve opened it.

Dr Oz: Drugstore Savings: Toothpaste

Tiffany said she is looking for a better deal on toothpaste. If you’ve bought it at the grocery store, you know what she’s talking about.

Lisa said you can catch great markdown deals on toothpaste at your drugstore. Also, save your manufacturer’s coupons for when toothpaste is on sale, and you might end up getting the toothpaste for free, when combined with in store deals and savings.

She also recommended keeping track of your Oral Care coupons in a Coupon Organizer, so you can be sure to get in on deals at the best time.

Dr Oz: Drugstore Savings: Milk & Eggs

Michelle said she tends to purchase milk and eggs when she’s at the drugstore. I guess she must have a lot of disposable income. According to Lisa, this can be a good buy and sometimes you are getting up to a 25% discount. She claims that dollar stores tend to charge more for milk and eggs. (I’d suggest hitting up your discount grocery store to save even more.)

Dr Oz: Drugstore Savings: Store Brand Painkillers

Shelly asked for advice on finding the best painkillers when at the drugstore. Lisa said you should skip the name brands and buy the store brands, which can save you 25% or more on the price. The active ingredients are the same, so you shouldn’t notice much difference between the generic and name brands, other than price.

Dr Oz: Drugstore Savings: Generic Prescriptions

Sherry said she wants better prices on her prescription medications. Lisa said the best deal you are ever going to find at your drugstore is on prescription drugs. She said that you should check into your store’s discount drug program, which covers more than 400 different generic prescriptions. Buying a 90-day supply of generic drugs can save you even more in the long run.

Dr Oz: Drugstore Savings: Hair Color

Katie said she’s tired of paying salon prices for her hair color. Instead, she wants a cheaper alternative. Lisa informed her that you can stock up on hair color when drugstores put it on sale. Don’t be shy, because most hair color products are good for two to four years before they expire.

Dr Oz: Drugstore Savings: Sunscreen

Dawn lives in Florida and her family is always slathering on sunscreen. Since they’re good for up to three years, Lisa said you should stock up on sales for these products as well. Studies find that store brands work just as well as name brands. Make sure to look for SPF 30 or higher.


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