Dr Oz: Lip Balm Addiction vs Coconut Oil Lip Balm


Dr Oz: Lip Balm

You may have an addiction that you’re carrying inside your purse right now—lip balm. Dr Oz took away one audience members lip balm for one day. Kimberly, stated that she kept extra tubes everywhere, including on top of the fridge, in the medicine cabinet and even stashed in her dresser drawers.

Early in the morning, without her lip balm, Kimberly’s lip started to crack and spread. Dr Oz Lip Balm By 1:00 in the afternoon, she was craving something greasy to eat just to get a little moisture onto her lips. By 9:00 pm, she was a mess and vowed to never to this again.


How Lip Balm Works

Lips naturally get rid of moisture. The cells on the lips are designed to shed and make new ones. When you put on lip balm, it blocks the shedding, so the natural rejuvenating ability is arrested. Your lip balm addiction ends up turning lips into a croissant—the soft inner shell can’t continue to produce and the outer part is dry and cracked.

Dr Oz Lip Balm Addiction

1. Apply lip balm more than 3x per day
2. Have more than 1 lip balm
3. Keep lip balm in multiple places

Dr Oz: Coconut Oil Lip Balm

Shea butter
Coconut Oil


Dr Oz tries the shea butter on Kimberly, but first he has to wipe off the balm she already had on her lips. He applied a little bit with a Q-tip. She mashed her lips together and said it was a nice relief and that it smelled great too. (A nice bonus!)



  1. stella belle souter says

    iam addicted to lip balm and the cocanut oil really helped i love eos lip balms and it was really hard to get rid of them but i did it and now my lips are way better than they used to be thank you dr oz !

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