Dr Oz: Lemon Sugar Licorice Hand Scrub Recipe for Sun Spots Damage

Dr Oz: Brown Spots on Hands

Do you feel like your hands are giving away your age? This is one of the beauty trouble spots that experts recommend paying special attention, because when you use the proper products, you can prevent or reverse lasting damage. Try the Lemon Sugar Licorice Hand Scrub this week!

Dr Oz invited an Assistant of the Day from his studio audience to join him in teaching all of us about how to fight sun damage on the skin, which can be especially apparent when you look at the hands.

Dr Oz: Sun Damage on Hands

Dr Oz: Lemon Sugar Licorice Hand Scrub Recipe for Sun Spots Damage

You don’t have to live with sun spots on your hands. Dr Oz unveiled a Lemon Sugar Licorice Hand Scrub Recipe that works wonders, and ways to tighten skin.

Most people think sun damage is primarily a problem noticed on the face, but Dr Oz pointed out that our hands are almost always exposed when we are outdoors (except maybe in the winter when you are wearing gloves).

He shared some of the many ways that the sun can cause damage to the skin on your hands, like:

  • Brown Spots (Sun Spots)
  • Bulging Veins
  • Dryness
  • Redness
  • Wrinkling

Those veins are caused because the skin on your hands becomes thinner as you age, not because the veins are getting larger, as you might initially suspect.

Now that you know all the ways your hands can be warped by the sun, what can you do about it? Dr Oz said that the happy news here is you don’t have to live with prematurely aging hands. Try these remedies suggested by dermatologist Dr Ellen Marmur.

Dr Oz: Lemon Sugar Licorice Hand Scrub Recipe

Try this twice-weekly treatment to exfoliate your hands, bleaching brown spots or sun spots right out of the skin.



  1. Combine ingredients.
  2. Apply to the hands.

Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Hand Care Remedies

Dr Marmur also told Dr Oz’s audience about these helpful tips. Use a moisturizing hand cream with SPF 30 protection, which can help to remove red and dry skin. Also, apply a night cream with glycerin, which will help to cut down on wrinkles in the hands. All these solutions will give you tighter skin and make those veins less noticeable as the skin does begin to thin with age.

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