Dr Oz: Lemon Sugar Licorice Hand Scrub Recipe for Sun Spots Damage


Dr Oz: Brown Spots on Hands

Do you feel like your hands are giving away your age? This is one of the beauty trouble spots that experts recommend paying special attention, because when you use the proper products, you can prevent or reverse lasting damage. Try the Lemon Sugar Licorice Hand Scrub this week!

Dr Oz invited an Assistant of the Day from his studio audience to join him in teaching all of us about how to fight sun damage on the skin, which can be especially apparent when you look at the hands.

Dr Oz: Sun Damage on Hands

Dr Oz: Lemon Sugar Licorice Hand Scrub Recipe for Sun Spots Damage

You don’t have to live with sun spots on your hands. Dr Oz unveiled a Lemon Sugar Licorice Hand Scrub Recipe that works wonders, and ways to tighten skin.



  1. Beatrice Super says

    Can I use it on my face? How long does it take the sun spots to disappear? How long do I keep it on my hands and (face)? Can I use it more than twice a week?.

  2. Carter asher says

    Your prescribed formula for removing sun spots on your hands, does not work. I tried the treatment from the time you announced it on your show until now and it simply does not work.

  3. Jan Kessler says

    Can I use this on other parts of my body the same way? I have lots of sun spots on my chest above my bathing suit line from years of sunburn damage. How about my face?

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