Dr Oz: Lemon Slices Remove Foot Calluses & Hairspray Belly Button Lint


Dr Oz: Embarrassing Health Secrets

Doctor Oz doesn’t know the definition of the word embarrassing, but many in his audience probably do. While there are plenty of awkward, uncomfortable, or gross health situations that could come up in life, Dr Oz takes them all in stride. Today was no different, except that Dr Oz invited couples to reveal their partners’ gross confessions in front of an audience of millions.

He also featured a Portobello Pizza Recipe, Natural Mosquito Remedy and Good Vs Bad Fat & Calories. And he mentioned more Home Health & Beauty Remedies.


Dr Oz: Belly Button Lint

Natalia was first up, and she revealed that her husband Josh has out of control Belly Button Lint. I guess talking about your lover’s gross health habit on this show is a few pegs above a chair-throwing confrontation on Jerry Springer, but it’s still not something I think most of us would be in a hurry to do.

Josh’s belly button, at any rate, is always full with lint by the end of a day. Dr Oz said that full body hair can attract fibers and particles that create this lint. On the spot, Dr Oz used a tiny camera to check Josh’s navel, and it was full of lint.

Doctor Oz also explained this lint could contain bacteria and dead skin, among other unappetizing ingredients. Dr Oz next collected the lint in a Petri dish, and concluded that it contained Corynebacterium and Bacillus. Apparently you, like Josh, could have Anthrax-related bacteria collecting in your belly button.


Dr Oz Belly Button Lint

Does your man have belly button lint, excess body hair, or callused feet? Find Dr Oz's solutions.

Dr Oz: Hairspray Belly Button Lint Remedy

Of all the products in your bathroom, would you guess that hairspray could be your best defense against navel lint? Just give it a spritz in the morning and you shouldn’t have quite the same dramatic lint buildup at the end of the day.

Dr Oz: Excessive Body Hair

Hair seems to be a big problem for the shameless couples of The Dr Oz Show. Yolanda turned her husband Keith in for having excessive body hair, which she thinks is gross and disgusting. She explained that it’s even in his nose and ears.

Dr Oz said a hormone called DHT is related to hair growth, and an imbalance could lead to excess hair. The balance naturally gets out of whack as we age, which is why you get more hair the older you are.

Stainless Steel Clippers for Excess Body Hair

The best way to tame your excess body hair is with stainless steel clippers, according to Dr Oz. They’re a painless, easy, and cheap solution that you can use about once a week to keep things under control.

Dr Oz: Cracked & Dry Heels

Finally, the tables turned and a husband complained about his wife’s gross body problem. Chris said LaShaun has cracked and dry heels, which put him off of giving her foot massages (sounds like he’s trying to get out of it to me).

Dr Oz: Lemon Callus Remedy

There’s a natural solution for this and other foot issues, according to Dr Oz. Try surrounding the calluses with lemon slices before bedtime. Then cover your foot with a sock, letting the lemon work its magic overnight as you sleep. In the morning, toss the lemons and use a moisturizer containing Glycerin to complete the process.

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