Dr Oz: L-Carnosine Supplements Dosage & Anti-Aging Benefits


Dr Oz: L-Carnoisine Supplements

Ready to turn back the clock on aging? They say that youth is wasted on the young, and the older you get, the truer that statement seems to be. But it’s not all bad news. Dr Oz shared his Best Supplements on today’s show, including Cancer Fighting Pills and Belly Fat Busters. Then he turned to the anti-aging miracle that everyone seems to be talking about lately: L-Carnosine Supplements.

Dr Oz: L-Carnosine Supplements Review

Find out the best age to start taking L-Carnosine Supplements and stop signs of aging before they start.


L-Carnosine Supplements Review: Anti-Aging Benefits

Have you heard of this promising new supplement? L-Carnosine is a molecule naturally found in the human body’s brain and cell structures. But as a part of aging, its levels in the body can drop dramatically, by 60% or more.

Now it’s available in supplement form, and its potent antioxidants have a variety of effects, including naturally improving the appearance of facial lines as well as a boost in brain function.

One woman in Dr Oz’s audience reported that her energy has been sapped since she turned 30. As a working mother of three, she admits she has trouble keeping up with everything some days. Now she’s starting to get wrinkles as well.


Dr Oz told her that protein builds up in the body over years of life, leading to wrinkles and extra weight. But one of the most popular L-Carnosine benefits is that it fights that protein backup and helps you slow the clock on aging.

Dr Oz: L-Carnosine Review & Dosage

There are natural and environmental factors that account for the stages of the body’s natural aging process, including stress, environment, and even simply sun exposure. These factors wear away at the body’s natural defenses, slowly causing a withering effect. L-Carnosine helps you avoid burnout and slows the aging of cells, giving you a more youthful appearance, as well as the energy required to back that up.

If you’ve been noticing declining vision with age, you might also see benefits from this supplement. Some studies even report that it helps fight Dementia. If you’re ready to rid yourself of wrinkles and look naturally vibrant, like you used to, Dr Oz recommended taking this supplement twice daily.

Dr Oz: Best Age To Start L-Carnosine Supplements

People around age 30 stand to gain the most from L-Carnosine, because starting early will give you the most sustained benefits. Though Dr Oz didn’t specifically weigh in on the dosage amount, the most popular dose seems to be 500 mg of L-Carnosine, twice a day.

If you’re noticing signs and symptoms of vision decline, dementia, or other health issues, it’s best to check in with your doctor to catch problems early. You can also ask for advice about your supplement routine. Always be sure to report the supplements you’re taking when you visit a doctor, even for a checkup.


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