Dr Oz: Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively & Jennifer Lopez Beauty Tips


Dr Oz: Celebrity Health Secrets

If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite celebrities health and beauty secrets were, you’re not alone because Dr Oz admitted he was a bit curious too. He talked to the top fitness and health experts to find out some celebrity health secrets that really work. Tanika Ray, an entertainment reporter, said that a magazine’s job is to know anything and everything about a celebrity, so you should trust them. Plus, Tanika spoke with some doctors and stylists, as well as some celebrities on the red carpet, and Tanika claims they know what they’re talking about.

Dr Oz: Lupita Nyong’O Skin Beauty Secret

They started by looking at Lupita Nyong’o, particularly her skin. Tanika said Lupita is all about avocado oil, using it all over her face as a moisturizer. To use it yourself, wash your face as normal and then slather the oil on your skin like a moisturizer. It’s organic and thin enough to act a protective barrier while you sleep. Be sure to look for cold pressed avocado oil!


Dr Oz: Jennifer Aniston Under-Eye Beauty Trick

Dr Oz: Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively & Jennifer Lopez Beauty Tips

Want beautiful skin like Lupita Nyong’O? Dr Oz revealed the top beauty secrets of many celebrities and how you can start using them yourself. (jenni_e / flickr)

Next, Jennifer Aniston takes really great care of her skin, so you know she’s doing something right. Her secret is petroleum jelly, which she applies underneath her eyes to fight off wrinkles. She wears it all night long and then the next morning she’ll fill her sink with ice water and stick her face into it to reduce puffiness.

Dr Oz: Cinnamon For Plumper Lips?

Next, Tanika pointed out that Lisa Rinna is known for her hair and her lips. What Lisa does is add cinnamon to her beauty regimen to keep her lips plump. She puts lip gloss or lipstick on and and then dabs just a pinch of cinnamon over top before rubbing it in. Dr Oz suggested that you not apply cinnamon dry because it can irritate your skin.


Dr Oz: Beer For Shiny Hair

As for health secrets for gorgeous hair, Tanika was excited to reveal Catherine Zeta Jones‘ secret for beautiful locks. She surprisingly shared that beer is Catherine’s secret. She puts it in her hair and lets it sit for about 20 minutes and then shampoos and conditions like normal. Tanika said you can use whatever beer you want, but use a warm, flat beer. Dr Oz said stylists have actually been using beer for years.

Dr Oz: Denise Richards & Blake Lively Hair Secrets

Another healthy hair secret came from Denise Richards. Tanika explained that you should mash up a ripe avocado and then pour in a tablespoon of olive oil to make a paste. Then apply the mixture to your ends before wearing a shower cap for 20-30 minutes. You should apply the mixture to damp hair and then once time is up, shampoo like normal. Tanika suggested you use the hair mask once every two weeks unless you’re constantly straightening and blow drying your hair.

Lastly, if you want hair like Blake Lively, use mayonnaise. Take mayonnaise and massage it into the bottom half of your hair before getting into the shower. Then shampoo your hair with the mayonnaise on to protect the ends of your hair. Dr Oz loved that mayonnaise had natural oils in it which helps moisturize the hair.

Dr Oz: Kim Kardashian Skin Trick

If you’re dying to get a beach body like Kim Kardashian, exfoliate with sugar. She mixes sugar with her body wash and uses it for smooth, glowing skin. One woman named Kristen tried it and said she felt just like a Kardashian. Tanika said because this option was chemical-free and organic, it was the way to go. Dr Oz suggested using brown sugar over granulated sugar because it’s a little less irritating, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Dr Oz: Appetite Suppressant & Dry Brushing For Cellulite

If you want a beach bod like Jennifer Lopez‘s, you can sniff grapefruit extract to suppress your appetite. Dr Oz said there is actual data, although with animals, that it actually works. One woman tried it and said it was especially useful when she was out with friends.

As for Salma Hayek, the 48-year-old uses dry brushing to keep her youthful glow. She brushes her skin before she gets into the shower to remove extra dead skin cells. Reportedly, dry brushing can help improve the appearance of cellulite. Brush your body towards the heart using back and forth motions.

Have you already tried any of these beauty tricks? What’s your go-to secret for healthy hair or skin?


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