Dr Oz Jeopardy: Vitamin E, Oysters, Retinol & Olive Oil for Skin Care


Dr Oz Jeopardy: Skin Solutions

Do not adjust your TV or computer. Dr Oz played a special version of the popular TV game show Jeopardy with women from his studio audience. The contestants included wrinkle worrier Pamela, age-defying Carla, and Donna, who compared her skin care routine to a game of Whack-a-Mole.

The answers, questions, and categories from this game would help these women solve their skin and beauty problems. You can play along and learn the results as well.


Olive Oil Dry Skin Remedy: Dr Oz

Dr Oz Jeopardy: Olive Oil Moisturizer

Dr Oz Jeopardy featured answers and questions about skin care, including when to use Olive Oil as a moisturizer.

From the “Dry Spell” category, the first question was worth $100.

This staple of a Mediterranean diet can help moisturize dry skin.


Carla buzzed in and guessed correctly with Olive Oil. Dr Oz suggested applying this to your skin right after getting out of the shower.

Dr Oz Jeopardy: Retinol Cream for Wrinkles

Carla chose “Wrinkle In Time” for $200, which was the Daily Double in this round. Carla wagered $300. The video clue came from Kathie Lee & Hoda on the fourth hour of the Today Show.

This topical vitamin cream boosts collagen and diminishes wrinkles.

The answer was Retinol, which Pamela guessed. (I guess Carla didn’t get her Daily Double. Dr Oz maybe shouldn’t consider a game show career.)

Dr Oz: Vitamin E for Cold Sores

The next clue came from the category “Kiss Off,” for $200.

When applied topically, this vitamin can produce cold sore relief.

Dawn buzzed in and had the correct answer: Vitamin E. Dr Oz also suggested avoiding acidic or spicy foods when you have Cold Sores bothering you.

Dr Oz Final Jeopardy: Oysters Collagen Booster

The Final Jeopardy category was “Chew On This,” and Dr Oz had contestants lock in their wagers before revealing the last question of the day.

This seafood has the highest amount of Zinc, essential for the production of Collagen.

The correct answer was Oysters; two of the contestants guessed Shrimp and Salmon, but Carla came up with the right answer.

Carla ended up winning the game and going home with $500 in beauty supplies and products. How did you score in Dr Oz’s Jeopardy?


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