Dr Oz: Jaundice, Blood Pressure & Thyroid Facial Warning Signs


Dr Oz: Facial Warning Signs

What does someone’s face tell you about them? The first thing you are likely to notice is an expression, such as a smile. But did you know that other parts of your face could be giving clues to health conditions you didn’t know you had? Dr Oz revealed the health meanings behind facial warning signs such as yellow eyes, red cheeks, and how your lips can indicate your blood pressure. From the audience, Dr Oz invited Dawn to be his assistant for this segment.

Dr Oz: Yellow Eyes, Jaundice & Liver Problems

Dr Oz: Facial Warning Signs

Your face could be telling you about your health with Facial Warning Signs about your thyroid or liver.


In the first face Dr Oz looked at, he zeroed in on the eyes, which were yellow. Dawn said she works in healthcare, and she guessed that yellow eyes were a warning sign for the liver and a condition like Jaundice.

Dr Oz and Dawn strapped on some purple gloves to look at the liver, which they said was the largest organ in the body. After examining a healthy liver, Dr Oz showed one with multiple horizontal lacerations.

Jaundice of the liver is typically a result of Cirrhosis, and the scars are often the result of alcohol, medication or carbohydrate damage. If you notice your eyes are yellow, Dr Oz suggested a remedy of 200 mg Milk Thistle. But this is something to ask your doctor about for sure if it persists.


Dr Oz: Red Cheeks Underactive Thyroid

A second face showed plump, rosy cheeks, like someone’s holiday family portrait in the snow. But in this scenario, red cheeks were a symptom of Underactive Thyroid.

Dr Oz used clear boxes and colored balls to perform a demonstration of how an Underactive Thyroid slows body processes and causes plump and swollen facial features.

Dr Oz: Lip Test for Blood Pressure

The final face in this segment featured purple lips. With her medical background, Dawn guessed this was a sign of low oxygen. Dr Oz said she was right, and it’s a sign of poor circulation; the lips aren’t getting enough oxygen.

Dr Oz said that knowing your blood pressure can ensure that you have proper circulation. He explained that a blood pressure within the normal range suggests that you have enough oxygen circulating in your blood, which would mean normal, red lips.


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