Dr Oz: Is It OK To Pick Your Nose & Stacy London Bikini Hair Removal


Dr Oz: Kids Health Questions

Dr Oz showed some funny kids videos with TV host Tom Bergeron, and next he took their questions. Is it OK to pick your nose? Also, find out what The Truth About Style author Stacy London said are fashion’s biggest blunders.

Dr Oz: Pick Your Nose

Dr Oz: Is It OK To Pick Your Nose & Stacy London Bikini Hair Removal

Dr Oz answered kids questions, such as whether it is OK to pick your nose.


A couple precocious kids were in the Dr Oz audience to ask some pressing health questions. First up was a little girl whose mother told her if you pick your nose, your finger will get stuck there. Is this true?

Of course, Dr Oz admitted that this was a fib. But he did show her why you should not pick your nose. The reason is that there are germs on our fingers, which can transmit bacteria to the nose. Instead of using your fingers, grab a tissue to clean your nose.

Dr Oz: Kids Swallowing Objects

The next kid said he had swallowed a quarter and he wanted to know how long it should take for it to come out of his body. His mother checked his stool for eight days afterward but did not find the change.


According to Dr Oz, most food is processed through the body in one to two days. But with foreign objects such as change, these could get lost in your intestines for up to two weeks after being ingested.

Dr Oz: Stacy London What Not To Wear

Stacy London is a host of the fashion makeover series What Not To Wear, and she visited Dr Oz to share solutions for fashion’s biggest blunders. Her book is called The Truth About Style, and it shows women how to navigate tough challenges such as pulling off animal prints.

Dr Oz: Stacy London Leggings Panty Line

Some women enjoy wearing leggings on a daily basis. But when you do this, people can often see a panty line or the color of your undergarments through your pants.

According to Stacy, the fix for this is to balance comfort and style. As an alternative to leggings, look for faux leather pants, or fashionable vegan leather.

To avoid panty lines, make sure your underwear color matches your pants color, and go with a boyish cut or a thong style.

Dr Oz: Stacy London Hair Removal

One woman said she used a depilatory on her bikini area. But she left it on too long and it caused horrible burns.

Stacy London said that hair removal in personal areas should be left up to the professionals. But if you cannot get in for a wax, think about swimsuit alternatives such as a one-piece or boy shorts to cover up a burned or ungroomed area in a pinch.


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