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Dr Oz: Shrink A Jean Size

Jeans are one of the most popular casual clothing items in America, but some people are avoiding them because they just can’t seem to pull off the look. (That doesn’t seem to stop others from trying to wedge themselves into skinny jeans, but that’s another story.) Do these jeans make me look fat? According to stylist June Ambrose, the truth is that the jeans might actually be the real problem. She shared advice on how to look like you dropped a jean size. Find out how to look thinner in jeans.

Dr Oz: Skinny Jeans & Blue Jeans Advice

Dr Oz: How To Look Thinner In Jeans

Dr Oz and stylist June Ambrose explained how to look thinner in jeans, with tips about dark wash, boot cut, and skinny jeans sizing.


June Ambrose said that proportion is key when you are choosing jeans. You could be buying a smaller size with the idea that it will make you look thinner. But the fact is that too small jeans will just squeeze your frame and make you look bigger.

How To Look Thinner In Jeans

June Ambrose pointed out that her first model was wearing the wrong color and size of jeans. This caused gapping in back, which led to the appearance of bulk.

After a quick change backstage, the model re-emerged in a much more aesthetically pleasing pair of pants. June explained the keys to this look. For one, they were the appropriate size.


Also, these jeans didn’t have front pockets or contrast stitching, which can also create a larger appearance. Adding heels to your look can also be slimming.

Dr Oz: Dark Wash Jeans Advice

Another model wore a faded, stained pair of jeans, which June pointed out were drawing our eyes to the thighs. Instead, Jean put her in a dark wash jean with no pockets. The model said she really liked the way her figure looked in these new jeans.

June Ambrose reported that dark wash jeans are a must have item for any woman’s wardrobe, because they work for any time of day.

Dr Oz: Boot Cut Jeans Advice

A third woman said she doesn’t wear jeans because they make her so self-conscious about her looks. She is just 30 years old and said she fears the high rise mom jeans look. But the other alternative seemed to highlight her stomach, which she also didn’t want to draw attention toward.

The solution for this was dark wash boot cut jeans, which the model said made her butt look great. But the behind the scenes secret is that it took this woman 28 pairs to find the perfect jeans for her. That’s determination; I would’ve given up much sooner.

What do you look for in a pair of jeans? Do you think June Ambrose’s tips can help you choose better pants?


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