Dr Oz: How A String Predicts Health + One Size Fits All Clothes?


Dr Oz: Issues With The BMI Calculator

Dr Oz put four women up on pedestals and before the show, had his audience vote on where they fell on the BMI scale. The women are either underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese. He shared that 80% of his audience said that at least 2-3 of the women were normal weight. In actuality, all of the women were considered overweight according to the BMI calculator. He said the problem actually isn’t the women, it’s the scale.


One audience member pointed out that the BMI calculator takes into accout your height and weight, but not how much muscle you have. He had one of the four women flex to show that she was practically pure muscle. She certainly had bigger biceps than Dr Oz, which made since considering she’s a professional body builder. Dr Oz said we ignore where the weight is carried, as well as, what the woman said, completely ignoring muscle mass.

Dr Oz: How A String Predicts Health + One Size Fits All Clothes?

Dr Oz explained how a piece of string can be a much better predictor of health than a BMI calculator. (callione / Flickr)


Dr Oz: Best Predictor Of Health

So what’s a better predictor of health than a BMI calculator? According to Dr Oz, it’s a piece of string. Take a string, stand up, and cut the string the same length as your height. Then fold the string in half, wrap it around your waist, and see if it fits. If your waist is smaller than the string, it’s an indicator that you’re in good health. It’s not a tell-tale sign but it’s certainly a good way to tell if you could use to drop a few pounds!

Dr Oz: One Size Fits All Clothes?

Dr Oz then wanted to take on the trend of one size fits all clothing. He enlisted the help of comedian Jenni Pulos to set up a social experiment to find out what happens when regular women try one size fits all clothing. Four women, all of different sizes, tried on various pieces of clothing, beginning with a crop top. It was tight on three of the women, but one woman said she actually liked it. The third, a woman who is a size 0/2, said it was baggy on her. Go figure!

The women then tried on paisley pants, or at least attempted to, considering two of the women couldn’t even get them on. As for button-down shirts, They proved to not be for women who have a chest. Two of the women were busting out of rompers and then two came stumbling in with jean skirts stuck at their thighs. One woman successfully wore the jean skirt on one leg, while the other was able to slide it all the way up, but it was a bit snug. Moral of the story: one size does not fit all!

Dr Oz: One Size Doesn’t Fit All!

Jenni explained that the situation was really more “one size fits 0-6” but the jean skirt hardly fit a size 0! Jenni then explained that Diane Von Furstenberg first did the wrap dress, which was a great thing in fashion because it it all kinds of bodies. This trend, on the other hand, doesn’t work. The four women said they embrace their bodies and the fashion industry can be such an alienating industry. She even said “it’s offensive.” Jenni said if you want to claim one size fits all, you need to follow through and do the work.

Dr Oz said he believes problems associated with eating don’t start in the kitchen, but actually begin at the mall. That’s an unhealthy problem. He said one size fits all makes it seem like there is a right and wrong size, and when it omes to health, there’s no such thing.

What do you think about one size fits all clothing?


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