Dr Oz: Hide Your Aging Neck + Sagging & Brown Spots Treatment


Dr Oz: Younger-Looking Neck

Dr Oz knows that your neck can be a dead giveaway that you’re getting older, which is why he wanted to give you tips for helping you hide your age and improve the appearance of your neck. He welcomed dermatologist Dr Jeanine Downie, who explained that because it’s some of the thinnest skin on the body, it does age faster. She said women tend to moisturize and use sunblock on their faces, but not their necks.

Dr Oz: Sagging Neck Treatment

Dr Oz: Hide Your Aging Neck + Sagging & Brown Spots Treatment

Dr Oz shared how you can hide signs of aging on your neck and appear years younger. What should you do about brown spots or sagging? (allnightavenue / flickr)


Dr Oz welcomed three women with specific signs of aging on their necks. The first woman, Laurie, noticed she had a sagging neck. Laurie shared that her mother told her to tap her hand against the underside of her chin, and also squeeze her neck muscles in order to tighten the skin in that area. Jeanine said slapping your neck won’t help you at all.

You can use a skin tightening cream that has a lot of peptides in it, and use it starting on your chest, sweeping upward. The cream can help tighten and firm your neck, and sunblock with an SPF of 30 of greater are important.

Dr Oz: Hide Neck Lines

Dr Oz then talked to another woman who shared that she hates the lines on her neck and calls them her “permanent necklaces.” Dr Downie suggested using a topical retinol every night before bed, and then sunblock every day as well. A prescription retinol cream is 20-25% stronger than over-the-counter. Again, use upward sweeping motions to apply the cream.


Dr Oz: How To Treat Brown Spots

Finally, Dr Oz welcomed Jennifer, who was Dr Downie’s patient that came in because of the brown spots on her neck. Dr Oz shared a picture from before and Jennifer explained that she had a lot of discoloration and brown spots from not taking care of her skin. Dr Downie said she used an FDA approved laser to obliterate the spots. She said most people do well after six treatments, but her skin looked incredible after just four.

What sign of aging are you fighting? Have you explored any treatment options?


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