Dr Oz: Hairstyles Causing Hair Loss + Weaves Vs Extensions


Dr Oz: Hairstyles That Cause Hair Loss

Dr Oz explained that your hairstyle could be to blame for you hair loss. Dr Oz welcomed Nikki Walton, a natural hair care expert, to his show, who explained that many women think that chemical straightening and heat styling are the only things that can damage your hair, when in reality, there are plenty of things women could be doing on a daily basis that can lead to a lot of damage and even significant hair loss.

Dr Oz: Hairstyles Causing Hair Loss + Weaves Vs Extensions

Dr Oz looked at how certain hairstyles can cause hair loss, and learned the difference between extensions and weaves. (Blaj Gabriel / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz: Extensions & Hair Loss

The first thing that could contribute to hair damage or hair loss is hair extensions. Nikki explained that the tension and weight over time that is being applied to your hair and scalp from the extensions can do a number on your hair follicles and hair strands. You can actually lose a braid, snapping your real hair, leaving you with a patch of ugly, broken hair. It can even lead to permanent hair loss.

Nikki said you should be mindful of your hair type, explaining that if you have fine hair you should opt for something lighter and shorter when looking at extensions. You also want to continue with your regular hair-care regimen.

Dr Oz: Ponytails & Buns Causing Hair Loss

Another hairstyle that can cause hair loss are ponytails and buns. Nikki explained that wearing your hair the same way every day will cause hair loss because the tension is places on the same part of the hair where the elastic is. You can see breakage in that specific area so you should switch it up and wear your hair high, low and even to either side. You should also use a light hair spray that does not contain alcohol to smooth the fly-aways. Also, only use your hands rather than a comb or brush on the fragile hairs in the front.


Dr Oz: Weaves Vs Extensions + Healthy Hair Tips

Another hair style that can cause hair loss is weaves. Nikki explained that with weaves, you will often experience hair loss around the front of your head at the edges of your hair line because that is the most delicate part of your hair. Oftentimes when you lose that hair, it doesn’t always come back. Dr Oz wanted to know the difference between extensions and weaves, and Nikki explained that extensions are braided into your real hair while weaves are glued or sewn into your roots.

Nikki suggested prepping your hair before you get the weave professionally installed, by using a good deep conditioner. Also, while your hair is in the weave, you can use some oil to keep your scalp nourished.


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