Dr Oz: Hair Extension Clip-Ins Vs Weave & Beautiful Blowout at Home


Dr Oz: Professional Hair Care at Home

Do you have your hair done by a professional at a salon or beauty shop? Dr Oz invited two hair care experts to his show to share their secrets for clip-ins and beautiful blowouts. Plus, try the latest 2-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet meal plan.

Dr Oz: Hair Extension Clip-Ins Vs Weave

Dr Oz: Hair Extension Clip-Ins Vs Weave & Beautiful Blowout at Home

You can get salon-style results at home without spending a fortune. Check out tips from Dr Oz’s experts about clip-ins and beautiful blowout techniques.


Nadia Vassell has her own Manhattan salon, where she gives clients high-end hair that has been featured in the pages of Essence. She said that her biggest hair secret is clip-ins, which can give you longer hair in minutes.

Onstage, she demonstrated her techniques for Dr Oz. Part the hair horizontally and back comb this section, which will help to give the clip-ins a stronger hold. Slide them in place and snap them locked. Then you are good to go for an affordable price.

Dr Oz: Beautiful Blowout at Home

Dop Dop Salon master stylist George Rylander has been in the business for decades, and he showed off one of the most requested salon treatments, a beautiful blowout you can recreate for yourself at home.


Flat, frizzy hair can be hard to control, but the first step is choosing a volumizing spray. Then stretch the hair from the roots outward as you blow it out, pulling it as tight as you can. Brush the hair from the underside, wrapping it around the brush to form a tight curl shape.

Let it cool on the brush before releasing the hair. Then use a finishing spray as a final touch.

Dr Oz: Rapid Weight Loss Asian Mushroom Salad Recipe

An online viewer contest for recipes on Dr Oz’s Two-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet program resulted in some tasty treats to inspire you, like White Chili or Spicy Salmon Steaks.

The winner of this contest was an Asian Mushroom Salad, which topped grilled mushrooms with fresh veggies, brown rice, and a Thai chili pepper dressing for a meal that is full of flavor and meets the diet plan’s guidelines.


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