Dr Oz: Grow Thicker, Fuller, Shinier Hair + Minoxidil & DIY Mask


Dr Oz: Get Thicker, Fuller Hair

Dr Oz set up a backstage hair clinic for the first time on his show, while he talked about how you can take better care of your hair. He brought in Dr Michael Wolfeld to talk about achieving thicker and fuller hair. According to Dr Wolfeld, too many women don’t realize that something can actually be done to treat their thinning hair. Many women try minoxidil and other over-the-counter medications, without any luck. Dr Michael believes that for those women, the best thing they can do is to come in and have their scalp examined.

There’s a lot of different types of hair loss, including hereditary, autoimmune, and inflammatory. Some women may need a biopsy as well so that doctors can properly diagnose the condition and fight the right treatment.



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