Dr Oz: Greek Yogurt Probiotic Face Mask For Healthy Glowing Skin


Dr Oz: Probiotics For Glowing Skin

Many people aren’t afraid to put strange things on their skin in the name of beauty. But would you cover your face in yogurt? Dr Oz turned to Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr Harold Lancer. Dr Lancer has worked with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, and Victoria Beckham. Dr Oz was curious why probiotic-rich yogurt is the new go-to skin care secret.

Dr Lancer first explained that people like that it’s a treatment they can do at home. Plus, probiotic and prebiotic are terms that refer to “improving life” or making cells healthier and better. He claims that a yogurt facial is a treatment you can do at home to reverse aging. While there are numerous benefits to eating probiotics, there are several to applying them topically as well.



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