Dr. Oz: Gray Hair Myths & Anti-Aging Face Masks


Dr. Oz: Gray Hair Myths

A woman asked if pulling her hair to tight in a ponytail would make her hair thin faster. Dr. Oz said it would make the hair thin faster.

Another woman, this time from the audience, asked Dr. Oz if pulling a grey hair would make more grey hairs grow back in its place. She said she thought it would happen because one of her friends pulled out a grey hair and has a lot more growing in now.


Dr. Oz: Gray Hair Myths & Anti-Aging Face Masks

Dr. Oz talks to a woman about what happens when she pulls out a gray hair and fills the audience in on some international anti-aging myths.

The women said she feels young but she wants to look young too. She said she tried to cover the grey hair with a rinse but the rinse only lasts for a few weeks before it washes out and she has to do it again.

Dr. Oz said pulling a grey hair and thinking more will grow back in its place was a myth, but he cautioned not to pull them all out just yet. Dr. Oz explained that each piece of hair is in a tube and the tube can only hold one hair at a time. If you try to pull the hair out of the tube, you can move the tube around and damage the hair follicle forever. The damage to the the follicle, according to Dr. Oz, could prevent hair from ever growing in or could make the hair that does grow in, grow straight up.


Dr. Oz: Worldwide Anti-Aging Myths

Many people in Russia are getting snail facials in hopes of lessening the signs of wrinkles.

Other people in Switzerland are getting an anti-aging injection which comes from the liver of a black sheep.

Chinese Anti-Aging Face Mask

But the most bizarre may be people in China who have started wearing anti-aging face masks when going to the beach. The masks, which are  basically swim suits that look like ski masks, are to help prevent sun from harming the face. Dr. Oz recommended just wearing sun screen instead.


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