Dr Oz: Gotu Kola Supplements & Delfin Ceramic Leggings for Cellulite


Doctor Oz: How To Fight Cellulite

Among women, by far the biggest complaint about body appearance is Cellulite. It’s a hugely common issue, but there are some steps you can take to help manage its appearance. From Shape Magazine, Dr Oz invited lifestyle editor Bahar Takhtehchian to share some Cellulite Solutions you can dry day or night.

Bahar explained that Cellulite is affected by a variety of factors, including weight and hormones. Here are some of the solutions proposed on the show.


Dr Oz: Fight Cellulite

Dreaded Cellulite is a huge concern among women, but Dr Oz offered tips that fight it as you sleep.

Dr Oz Cellulite: Flaxseed Smoothie Recipe

A morning cellulite fighter is Flaxseed, which you can include in your breakfast Smoothie or Yogurt. Just throw in two tablespoons to promote the body’s Collagen Production, which reduces the appearance of dreaded Cellulite.

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Dr Oz: Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Leggings Review

You can actually wear clothing accessories to help in the fight against Cellulite. The Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Leggings are great for the gym or running errands around town. They capitalize on the heat your body already generates while you’re on the move. The leggings also help you camouflage the appearance of Cellulite.

Dr Oz Cellulite: Gotu Kola Supplement

You can fight Cellulite at night while you sleep. Try taking this Gotu Kola Supplement before bed, which can help strengthen the skin’s elasticity. This is another way you can try to mitigate the appearance of Cellulite.

Dr Oz: Horse Chestnut Extract for Cellulite

The last remedy suggested on the show was Horse Chestnut Extract. It’s another Cellulite fighter that works while you sleep. Rub it all over the body to shrink your pores and capillaries.

Doctor Oz: How To Cut 100 Calories From Every Meal

Dr Oz also advised everyone on ways to lower their caloric intake at each meal. Here are his three simple solutions.

  • Salad Dressing – Ask for your dressing on the side. Dip your fork in the dressing, then get a bite of lettuce. This will give you the taste of dressing without the full calories and excess.
  • Dessert – Train yourself to rethink dessert serving sizes. Try portioning dessert using a shot glass. This could cut up to 80% of the calories out of your dessert routine, and it also makes you eat slower to enjoy the taste. Finish off your dessert with a glass of water to help make yourself feel full.
  • Fruit Juice – You can cut the calories in fruit juice by mixing equal parts juice and sparkling water. This gives you the taste with just half the calories, and it also makes your juice supply last longer.


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