Dr Oz: Goldie Hawn’s Secrets to Staying Young


Dr Oz: Goldie Hawn Happiness Rules

Doctor Oz’s show on January 12, 2012 is called “Goldie Hawn’s Secrets To Staying Young.”  Did you know that Goldie Hawn had a major battle with depression?  She will discuss her depression with Dr Oz and share with everyone her Golden Rules For Happiness that will lead you to happiness in as little as ten minutes per day.  Goldie Hawn, who is now 63 years-old, will also share her anti-aging secrets (which I am very excited to learn about!).  After all, how many people her age look as amazing as she does?  You go girl!

Dr Oz: Goldie Hawn Anti-Aging Secrets

While we won’t know Goldie Hawn’s Anti-Aging Secrets until the Dr Oz show airs, here are some Anti-Aging Remedies that Doctor Oz discussed on previous shows:


Dr Oz Goldie Hawn

Dr Oz discusses Goldie Hawn's Depression & Anti-Aging Secrets. (Image Credit: vipflash / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz: Age Spot Remedy

To help get rid of Age Spots, you can combine Sake with White Camellia Oil.  Apply the mixture on your age spots and they will lighten, leaving you with gorgeous, young-looking skin.  You can read more about this remedy here: Age Spot Remedy.

Dr Oz: Coconut Oil

Doctor Oz spoke with Shalini Vadhera, author of Passport to Beauty, who found that Jamaican women use Coconut Oil to protect their skin from the damaging UV rays of the sun.  Coconut Oil has lots of fabulous uses other than just for your skin though.  Some people swear by Coconut Oil as a deep conditioner for their hair.  And quite a few people have started to cook with it. Coconut Oil also makes AMAZING french toast… just sayin’!  Click on the following link to read the full Coconut Oil Remedy.


Do you have a favorite Anti-Aging Remedy?  Or do you plan on trying any of the remedies that Dr Oz and Goldie Hawn discussed?  If so, please share your experience with everyone by leaving a comment in the section below!



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