Dr Oz: Gaba Cream, PMD Personal Microderm & EZ Weight Plate Reviews


Dr Oz: The Book of 40

If you’ve watched Dr Oz before, you know he’s passionate about health and education. He is always sharing information and giving voice to different perspectives and opinions about health. You may have also noticed that he is over age 40 and seems to be in great shape and perfect health. For those who have already passed the 40 mark, or those approaching it with trepidation, this episode was for you. Find out the secrets of aging gracefully with Dr Oz’s Book of 40. Learn why Dr Oz said that Ashwagandha Tea, the EZ Weight Plate, Gaba Cream and the PMD Personal Microderm System are keys to unlocking life after 40.

To give everyone advice on embarking on the second half of life, Dr Oz put together a team of top experts and doctors, all over age 40 themselves. He also got input from over 40 audience members. One woman said she feels good about her age, but her daughter reminds her sometimes that she is getting older.


Dr Oz: Life After 40

PMD Personal Microderm & Life After 40: Dr Oz

Dr Oz shared his after 40 health and beauty secrets, including the PMD Personal Microderm System & the EZ Weight Plate.

Someone else said she had a positive attitude, but kept getting sucked into her friends’ negative thoughts about aging. A pregnant 40-year-old worried about keeping up with her new arrival. Another audience member had started putting on weight, and that woman’s sister recalled dating challenges. Hopefully these women will feel inspired by advice from Dr Oz and his guests.

Dr Oz invited his experts to share their top tips and strategies for staying healthy and vibrant once you pass the big 4-0.


Ashwagandha Tea Review

Marcelle Pick is a nurse practitioner and author of the book Are You Tired and Wired? She said that low energy is a huge complaint for women 40 and older. Chronic stress is one of the key factors associated with fatigue.

But there are some quick pick me up solutions women can try. Carrying snacks in your purse, such as Edamame or Cheese, means you’ll always have something healthy on hand when you need it. She also recommended Ashwagandha Tea, which is believed to help level out Blood Sugar.

After 40 Diet: Cranberry Beans

Audience member Michelle admitted she has been a yo-yo dieter through the years, and she can never seem to succeed in keeping her weight under control. She also realized that losing weight after 40 is harder than ever, so she was curious for advice about how to lose it for good.

Registered dietitian Samantha Heller recommended reevaluating the diet in order to promote healthy, natural weight loss and avoid fluctuating weight. Look for Cranberry Beans, a high protein fiber with 120 calories per serving. These can stabilize weight and mood, according to Heller, and also have fatigue fighting benefits.

Dr Oz: EZ Weight Plate Review

Also recommended on the show was the EZ Weight Plate, which is already divided into serving size sections to promote portion control. It’s BPA-free and safe for your dishwasher and microwave. If you get a set for the whole family, it’s easy to pass down the basics of portion control and instill healthy habits in your children.

Gaba Cream & PMD Personal Microderm Reviews

Dr Oz met an over 40 audience member who doesn’t feel that her appearance reflects how she sees herself. But she’s not ready for Botox and would rather find solutions for her wrinkles and frown lines at home.

Dermatologist Dr Elizabeth Tanzi shared some Botox alternatives that you can try at home. Gaba Super Antioxidant Cream relaxes the muscles in your face, resulting in a smoother look.

The Personal Microderm System (PMD) is an exfoliation treatment that stimulates collagen. The process takes about five minutes, once per week, and is followed by a moisturizer application.

Have you tried any of these over 40 solutions? Share your thoughts and experiences with these ideas and products.


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