Dr Oz: How Far Would You Go To Look Younger? Excessive Plastic Surgery


Dr Oz: How Far Would You Go To Look Younger?

What is the most extreme thing you might do to look thinner? Dr Oz talked about excessive plastic surgery, Body Dysmorphic Disorder and patients who have countless surgeries in their extreme pursuit of youth.

What about a permanent corset made of pigskin? One woman was profiled on TLC’s My Strange Addiction because of her addiction to plastic surgery. Cindy Jackson holds the Guinness World Record for most plastic surgeries, and she keeps going back for more.


Dr Oz: Excessive Plastic Surgery?

Dr Oz: How Far Would You Go To Look Younger? Excessive Plastic Surgery

How far would you go to look younger? That’s the question Dr Oz posed to the Guinness record holder for most plastic surgeries and two health experts.

Cindy said she decided to start plastic surgery at age 33, after being inspired by a profile of Phyllis Diller. “I just started with my eyes and I worked my way down and back up again,” Cindy said.

Since 1988, she has had more than 60 procedures, including 14 operations. Dr Oz rattled off some highlights from her illustrious beautifying resume. She was already on the defensive, pointing out that she doesn’t focus on the same body part or parts, which is what she seemed to think would qualify her as an addict.


“I’ve really only had things that enhanced my looks,” she said.

Dr Oz: Who Gets Repetitive Cosmetic Surgery?

Plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn said it is surprising how many patients come to him who have had too much work done but still crave more. HLN host and addiction specialist Dr Drew Pinsky said that he would be most concerned about risks associated with surgery, such as anesthesia.

There is also the concern about Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which he suggested is more common than people understand. Some of these patients are more likely than average to attack their doctors.

Dr Pinsky said that patients with opiate addiction will have cosmetic surgery as a way to feed their habit. Cindy, age 58, has gotten decent results, and a current study is considering whether surgery could be an effective treatment for Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Dr Oz: Wild West of Medicine

Cindy said she is willing to take the risks when she needs to be under anesthesia, and she said her pain tolerance is high, so she avoids it when possible. Dr Youn said that plastic surgery is “the wild west of medicine.”

He told Dr Oz that patients should do the least amount necessary. “You never regret the work you don’t do,” he said. And I guess you could always go back for more if you were not happy with the results.

Dr Oz: Plastic Surgery Vs Aging

Dr Drew and Cindy went back and forth about whether or not it is a fact that we will age. “I don’t look at age goals. I try to be the best, youngest-looking person I can be at any given moment,” Cindy said. “I’m setting a standard for how young you can look.”

Dr Oz wondered how much she may have invested in her looks, and she estimated it around $80-90,000. Her family thinks this behavior fits with her unique personality, and she said she would not continue having surgery if she felt it was unnecessary or would not help her.

It seemed like this segment got away from Dr Oz…I’m not really sure what point he was attempting to make, and I don’t know what to make of my impression of Cindy either. She seemed poised, confident, and rational in her position and comments. I guess there’s no reason that she should not continue doing the work, if it’s not hurting anyone else. What do you think?


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