Dr Oz: How Do Eyelash Extensions Work? Eyelash Tinting Beauty Risks


Dr Oz: Dangerous Eyelash Extensions

Dr Oz’s investigative reporter Elisabeth Leamy went undercover to expose dangerous practices in beauty salons, such as Eyelash Extensions and the practice of Eyelash Tinting, which is illegal in New York and at least six other states.

However, Leamy and her undercover cameras found dozens of salons offering the service, claiming that it does not damage the lash. One woman said that it is completely safe, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had this to say:


“There are no color additives approved for tinting of eyelashes…. …To do so may cause blindness.”

Dr Oz: How Do Eyelash Extensions Work?

Dr Oz: How Do Eyelash Extensions Work? Eyelash Tinting Beauty Risks

Have you heard of Eyelash Tinting? This procedure is illegal in several states, but a Dr Oz investigation revealed salons offering it. What are the risks?

Back in the studio, Leamy said that she had her eyelashes done a few times when she was younger. But knowing what she knows now, she said she would not take the risk. “These days, I am way more into how I see than how I look,” Leamy said, wondering why the state has not cracked down on these salons advertising banned services.


Eyelash Extensions are applied by gluing synthetic hair onto an individual eyelash, and this can take up to 150 synthetic hairs per eye. That is a lot of opportunities for something to go wrong, such as glue in your eye or on the skin.

Another tactic might cause problems when salons glue a clump of false lashes to a single real lash, and the weight causes the real hair to fall out. If the follicle is traumatized, it may never grow a hair there again.

Dr Oz: Eyelash Tinting Beauty Risks

As a surgeon, Dr Oz said that no one should use tweezers and glue near your eye. If eye doctors wouldn’t take the risk, why would you trust an unlicensed salon with something as valuable as your eyesight?

Health and wellness physician Dr Erin Stair, who has seen it all when it comes to eyelash complications, including extreme cases where a hair follicle became clogged, causing swelling and lasting infection. Bacterial infections can also be common, she said.

Dr Stair said that it can become an addictive behavior for some clients, much like tanning. But she thinks you are taking your chances and playing Russian roulette with your eyes. She was also concerned that there are no FDA-approved products for Eyelash Tinting, which means you don’t know what could be in those products.

Dr Oz: Eyelash Extension Safety Guidelines

No matter what, Dr Oz said he knows some people are going to continue pursuing these beauty treatments. What advice did Dr Elisabeth Leamy have, based on her research?

  • Take out contacts beforehand
  • Avoid during allergy season
  • Ask for glue ingredients

Has this investigation opened your eyes to the concerns surrounding this pursuit of beauty?


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