Dr Oz: Eyebrow Nutrient Deficiency, Eczema Moisturizer & Pencil Test


Dr Oz: Why Your Thinning Eyebrows Can Indicate a Health Problem

What do you think about your eyebrows? Dr Oz said that eyebrows are a window to our emotions. Not only can they help us communicate with one another, they can also give us clues about our health.

Dr Oz advised the audience to look at their eyebrows. Are they thinning on the outer edges. A lot of people in the studio seemed to think this described them. Dr Oz picked one of them to be his Assistant of the Day.


Linda from Connecticut put on a purple jacket and Dr Oz took a good look at her eyebrows. What can we learn about eyebrows and health?

Dr Oz: Eyebrow Nutrient Deficiency

Dr Oz explored the controversial diagnosis of Adrenal Fatigue, which can make you feel tired all the time for no identifiable reason. What can you do? http://www.recapo.com/dr-oz/dr-oz-natural-remedies/dr-oz-adrenal-fatigue-caused-inflammation-dietary-adjustment/

Dr. Oz talked about three different ways to check for a sluggish thyroid, including checking your eyebrows, your reflexes, and testing for carpal tunnel syndrome. (Christo / Shutterstock.com)

Do your brows have a sparse appearance? Dr Oz said that is not necessarily a sign of aging. It could be a Nutrient Deficiency due to a lack of Biotin and Iron in your diet.


Egg Yolks, Almonds, and Walnuts are great sources of Biotin for fuller brows. Lentils and Lima Beans can help you get more iron.

Dr Oz: Eyebrow Eczema Moisturizer

What if you have a scaly, patchy eyebrow area? Dr Oz said that is a sign of Eczema, which can sometimes be hidden beneath that hair.

Use moisturizer every day to make sure that your eyebrows are nourished, along with the rest of your face.

Dr Oz: Thinning Eyebrow Thyroid Diagnosis

What if you, like Linda, are missing the outer edge of your eyebrow? Dr Oz said this is a common problem, and it indicates a sluggish Thyroid.

Dr Oz showed how a lack of hormonal stimulation can cause brow hair to thin and fall out, making it seem to disappear. The good news is that this is treatable.

Dr Oz: Thyroid Pencil Test

Grab a pencil or another straight object. Hold it in front of your nose. Then, move it horizontally over the eye. Once you get to the outer edge of the eye, if the brow does not extend that far, you probably have a Thyroid problem (unless you pluck or tweeze a lot!).

To counteract this, Dr Oz recommended Iodized Salt and other Iodine sources. If that doesn’t help the hair grow back, get a blood test to check into your Thyroid health.


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