Dr Oz Under-Eye Circles: Caffeine Eye Cream & Kojic Acid Remedies


Dr Oz: Dark Under-Eye Circles Erased

With busy schedules and not enough sleep, it’s understandable that some of us have dark under-eye circles. Dr Oz shared some cheap, easy, and affordable drugstore cures for Dark Circles, like Caffeine Eye Cream and Kojic Acid. Dermatologist Dr Debra Wattenberg said that she hears complaints from patients every day, and there are different techniques that can work for specific problems.

Dr Oz: Grapeseed Oil & Caffeine Eye Cream for Dark Blue Under-Eye Circles

Dr Oz Under-Eye Circles: Caffeine Eye Cream & Kojic Acid Remedies

Whether they are blue, brown, or black, Dr Oz has remedies for your Under-Eye Circles, from Caffeine Cream to Kojic Acid and even simple Green Tea bags.


Do you have a Dark Blue circle under your eye? With age, the skin thins due to a lack of fat, elastin, and collagen in that area, making blood vessels more visible. You can counteract this using a Caffeine Eye Cream or Grapeseed Oil.

Caffeine Eye Cream constricts the blood vessels and works like a diuretic to reduce puffiness. Grapeseed Oil Extract strengthens your capillaries, making the blue color less prominent.

In a pinch, you can rely on Green Tea bags soaked in cold water. Just apply them under the eye’s surface for 10 minutes, letting caffeine leak onto the affected area and clear it up.


Dr Oz: Kojic Acid for Dark Brown Under-Eye Circles

What causes a dark brown under-eye circle? It’s the result of hyperpigmentation, often caused by excessive sun exposure. Being around smoke or rubbing your eyes too much can also cause this.

To help pinpoint the cause, Dr Wattenberg said that you can test this. Gently press with your index finger where the color is. If it’s pigmentation, the color won’t change, but if it does change, that may be more related to blood vessel issues.

Try using an Eye Cream with active ingredients including Retinol, Vitamin C, and Kojic Acid, which brightens the skin. As a quick fix, you could use Green Concealer to diffuse a red-tinted circle, or a Peach Concealer for Brown Circles, like mixing paints.

Dr Oz: Nasal Wash for Black, Puffy Under-Eye Circles

What about black, puffy under-eye circles? These are often caused by chronic allergies, smoke, or leaving your makeup on overnight. Fluid buildup can lead to puffiness, which nobody wants.

A Neti Pot or Pulsating Saline Nasal Wash can help to clear out your sinuses, draining excess fluid. As a quick fix, you could occasionally use a small amount of Hemorrhoid Cream mixed into eye cream for temporary relief.

As always, wear sunscreen every day to prevent any of these eye problems from developing or worsening.

Dr Oz JibJab Video

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