Dr Oz: Exfoliating Foot Facial, ABC Foot Exercise & Foot Pain Problems


Dr Oz: Getting Past Pain

Dr Oz stood next to a gigantic model of a foot to talk about Getting Past Pain when it comes to your feet. Podiatrist Dr Suzanne Levine, author of My Feet Are Killing Me, was on the show to explain how to fix your foot problems.

Dr Oz: Fix Your Foot Problems

Would you believe that gravity is the biggest problem facing your feet? Sagging in the arch can lead to heel problems and inflammation.


Dr Oz: Exfoliating Foot Facial, ABC Foot Exercise & Foot Pain Problems

A podiatrist helped Dr Oz prepare an Exfoliating Foot Facial treatment, which can help to keep your feet happy and healthy, in addition to foot exercises. (Baronb / Shutterstock.com)

Sometimes we may wind up with Bunions, Corns, or Calluses. “When you walk, the tissue doesn’t move biomechanically the way the rest of the normal cells in your foot respond,” Dr Levine said.

That means your Calluses could turn into knee pain, hip problems, or issues with your back (all of these are weight-bearing). You also lose cushioning as you age, under the ball of your foot.


Dr Oz: Wear Two Different Pairs of Shoes

How can home remedies help you fix your feet? The first solution is to wear two pairs of shoes per day. Wear one pair for three hours before switching. Make sure they have different heel heights, which helps to stretch your feet.

Dr Oz asked everyone to take off their shoes for some reason, even though they probably didn’t have a second pair to change into.

Dr Oz: Weekly Exfoliating Foot Facial

“Treat your feet the way you’d treat your face,” Dr Levine said. Once each week, do an Exfoliating Foot Facial. Combine olive oil, sugar, salt, and lemon juice in a bowl.

Apply this once per week to prevent and remove calluses. Dr Oz and Dr Levine tried this procedure on mom Jennifer, who is always on her feet.

Dr Levine said you should try to work from the toes toward the heel. The oil will moisturize the skin and even prevent ingrown toenails. It will also take care of corns and remove dead cells. Try it after a shower, for example, when the skin will be more soft.

Dr Oz: ABC Foot Exercise

You can also exercise your feet. You probably don’t think about your feet until they hurt, but you can keep them from hurting in the first place.

Dr Levine demonstrated a simple exercise. Use your big toe as the guide when you move your foot around to write the alphabet in the air. This will exercise muscles and strengthen your arch.


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