Dr Oz: Eucerin Calming Creme & Eucerin Body Wash Reviews for Dry Skin


Dr Oz: Dry Skin

Do you have Dry Skin? You’re not alone, and you can tailor your health routine to deal with this common condition. Recently, Dr Oz shared Soap Reviews for dry skin and acne. This episode also featured drugstore deals like Zinc Gluconate. If you’ve been wondering about the whys and hows of your dry skin, check out what Dr Oz had to say. Did you know it could be genetic? Also, find out how Eucerin Calming Creme and Body Wash could help you feel softer and smoother.

So what’s up with your dry skin? Maybe you’re using the wrong moisturizer or even simply getting older. Dr Oz and dermatologist Rosemary Ingleton explored some common causes and solutions for cracked or dry skin.


What Causes Dry Skin?

Dr Oz: Eucerin Calming Creme Review & Dry Skin

Dr Oz suggested timing showers, avoiding hot water, and trying Eucerin Calming Creme to protect dry skin.

Rosemary explained that aging is a factor, because Dry Skin problems will intensify with age. But your daily routine could also play a part in Dry Skin. Of course, you should never scratch your itchy skin, because that can lead to infection.

Taking a hot shower could irritate your skin. The longer you stay under the water, the more dried out you will cause your skin to become.


Also, certain popular products, such as Retinol, could affect sensitive skin. You have to weigh whether the beauty benefits are worth the side effects, and products affect people differently. It may also be time to think about switching soaps in favor of a fragrance- and dye-free option.

Dr Oz: Dry Skin Genetic Factors

There are some genetic components to Dry Skin. You might be suffering from one of these conditions.

  • Ichthyosis – fish scaling
  • Psoriasis – thick flakes from an autoimmune condition
  • Eczema – common behind the knee and inner arms

What about weather? That can also play a role in drying out your skin. Harsh winter winds or summer air conditioning blasts can dry your skin from the outside in. Healthy, moisturized skin will bend but not crack. If your skin is cracking, that means it’s very dry. Scratching it can cause it to flake and make you prone to a bacterial infection.

Dr Oz: Dry Skin Salmon & Bran Diet

You can take action to repair your dry skin. Try eating more Salmon in your diet as a natural moisture source. Also, Bran has high Zinc levels to repair the skin.

In the bedroom, add a Humidifer to keep your environment moisturized throughout the night. You can also find a Eucerin Timer to ensure you’re not spending too much time in the shower.

Eucerin Calming Creme & Eucerin Body Wash Reviews

For more solutions, you can try over the counter beauty products for dry skin from Eucerin. Look for Eucerin Calming Body Wash with omega oils, which is fragrance- and additive-free.

Eucerin Calming Creme is a moisturizer that creates a buffer layer to protect the skin. It also contains oatmeal to help seal moisture in your skin.


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