Dr Oz: Don’t Wear Flip Flops in the Summer & Open Toe Wedge Support


Dr Oz: Best Summer Shoe Options

Can you believe 78 percent of adults have had at least one foot problem in their life? Dr.Oz said it is true and the number is rising because of the shoes many people wear, especially the non supportive shoes worn in the summer.

Dr. Oz already helped everyone figure out the do’s and don’ts for swimwear and now he is helping people find the best shoes for summer. He is teaching his audience the do’s and don’ts of summer shoes so Dr. Oz invited podiatrist Dr. Krista Archer on the show to explain which shoes are don’ts.


Dr Oz: Don't Wear Flip Flops in the Summer & Open Toe Wedge Support

Dr. Oz talked with Dr. Krista Archer about the worst types of shoes to wear during the summer. From open toe wedges to flip flops, they have their downsides

Don’t Wear Open Toe Wedges In the Summer

Open Toe Wedge – Dr. Archer said these are a terrible shoe to wear because the heel is so skinny on the shoe and there is so little support for the ankle, it makes it easy to sprain your ankle while walking.

Instead of the open toe wedge, Dr. Archer suggested buying a wedge with a strap on the back of the heel for support and a wider base on the bottom which offers more surface area.


A lot of people don’t like to buy shoes without the open toe because the toe area is usually too small but Dr. Archer has a remedy for that. She said to fill a zip lock bag with ice and put it in the toe of the shoe. Stick the whole thing in the freezer and as the water freezes it expands and makes the toe area wider.

Don’t Wear Flimsy Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats – Dr. Archer said these shoes are the worst because they offer zero support and can cause severe pain for someone who is walking around all day.

She suggested buying flats with thick rubber soles and buying arch supports and heel supports from the drug store to slip into the shoe as well.

Flip Flops Are a Podiatrist’s Worst Nightmare

Flip Flops – Dr. Archer said flip flops are the worst kind of shoe you can wear. They offer the least amount of support and there is nothing besides a little strap holding your foot in place.

If you do want to wear flip flops, Dr. Archer suggested buying a shoe with a thick, rigid support for your foot and straps to hold your foot in place.

Do your feet ever get so sweaty they slip right off your shoe? Dr. Archer said to spray hair spray onto the flip flops to keep your feet from slipping off.


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