Dr Oz: Do Moisturizers Prevent Wrinkles & Do Lips Thin As You Get Old?


Dr. Oz: Anti-Aging Myths

Many different viewers wrote into Dr. Oz asking about a number of anti-aging myths they thought might works.

One woman wrote in asking if tapping under chin will keep it from looking like a turkey’s chin. Dr. Oz said it was a myth.


Another woman asked if an egg white facial would keep her skin tight. Dr. Oz said it was a myth.

Dr Oz: Do Moisturizers Prevent Wrinkles & Do Lips Thin As You Get Old?

Dr. Oz debunks some anti-aging myths as well as revealing many of the myths are not myths at all. Do lips thin as you age?

A third woman asked if sleeping on your side or face down would give you wrinkles. Dr. Oz said it was the truth and advised trying to sleep on your back.


Dr. Oz: Will Moisturizing Stop Wrinkles From Forming?

One women in the audience wanted to know if putting moisturizer on her face would stop her from getting wrinkles. The woman said she thought it might work because it will keep the skin soft, moist and hydrated, meaning less wrinkles. Dr. Oz said it was a myth. He told the audience moisturizer would keep the skin from becoming dry, but it would not stop the wrinkles. He said this is because collagen in the skin natural breaks down as you age but the moisturizer will not stop it. His only advice? Stay out of the sun.

Dr. Oz: Do Lips Thin With Age?

Most women would kill to have full lips and Beth is no different. She told Dr. Oz she uses lip plumper on her lips and even brushes her lips because she heard it can help the lips from thinning with age. Dr. Oz polled the audience who seemed to all be doing some type of lip plumping as well.

Beth also said she thought her lips were becoming thinner after she went through menopause and since her mother has thin lips she is scared she will get them too. Is it a myth? Can you plump up your lips? Dr. Oz said it is a myth and lips can not be plumped up. He said there is nothing you can do to get fuller lips. As the collagen breaks down with age the lips will become thinner and thinner.

Dr Oz: Sunscreen for Thinning Lips

Dr. Oz’s advice? Stay out of the sun and try to wear sunscreen on the lips. So basically, you will wrinkle and you will get thin lips and you have to stay inside. I hope one of these myths involves going outside.


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