Dr Oz: DermaWand & Do-It-Yourself Facelift Recipes for Face Mask & Toner


Dr Oz: DIY Facelift & DermaWand

Looking younger can be hard work, and if you’re trying to go through dermatologists or aestheticians, it can get expensive quickly. But thanks to Dr Oz Beauty Reviews and expert advice, you can recreate some of the great results at home with the Dr Oz DIY Facelift. Dr Shirley Madhere is a plastic surgeon who shared some secrets such as the Smoothing Exfoliator, DermaWand Review and Pomega5 Grenade Review. Check out these easy at home recipes and see how they can work for you.


  1. Yeni correa says

    Thank you for this column it helps a lot.
    I am esthetician, skin care specialist and I have been using natural products my whole life, it works, really works
    Thank you!!

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