Dr Oz: Cosmetic Industry Secrets + Sunscreen Vs SPF Makeup


Dr Oz: Makeup Company Secrets

Dr Oz invited two people who work in the cosmetics industry to his show to share secrets that makeup companies don’t want us to know. Dr Oz was joined by Perry Romanowski, an independent cosmetic chemist, who shared that the foundations and moisturizers we use may offer less protection from the sun than we think. Perry said the problem with the products is that when you apply them to your face, you’re not getting nearly the same coverage that you would get if you applied regular sunscreen to your face.

Dr Oz: Cosmetic Industry Secrets + Sunscreen Vs SPF Makeup

Dr Oz took a closer look at the secrets of the cosmetics industry and what makeup companies don’t want us to know. (Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz: Sunscreen Vs SPF Makeup

Perry said the sunscreen will create a brick wall layer from UV rays that could damage your skin, but makeup is more like a chain link fence that is creating a false sense of security.

Dr Oz had a model put on regular SPF sunblock and then they put her under a black light to see how well she was protected, compared to what happened when she just put on the SPF makeup. Perry said to get the best protection against the sun, you should always apply sunscreen first that has an SPF of at least 30 and then apply your makeup on top of that.

Dr Oz: Argan Oil Products

Next, Dr Oz and Perry looked at argan oil, explaining that they had members of the audience bring in their own argan oil products, and asked them to stand. Dr Oz then said if Perry put a sticker on their product, they could sit down, but not one person out of the group sat down. Perry explained that every single person stayed standing because they’re getting a diluted version of argan oil.


Perry explained that when a company wants to put argan oil on their label, they can put a little drop of the oil into the product and then claim there’s argan oil in there, when there isn’t nearly enough to have an effect.

Perry said shampoos are the worst, because in order for argan oil to have an effect on the hair, it has to stay on the hair. When it’s in a shampoo, it just gets washed away. Perry said you should instead look for 100% pure argan oil and use it with your normal beauty products, making sure to actually leave it on your hair.

Dr Oz: Microbead Facial Scrubs

Dr Oz then warned all those people using microbead facial scrubs. Perry said the microbeads are mostly put in their for show, and doesn’t supply the scrubbing effect that you need. Plus, the beads can build up in waterways and cause problems with the environment.

Dr Oz: Dead Insect Carcasses In Makeup?

Dr Oz then explained that carcasses of dead insects are used in many of the beauty products we use every day. He spoke to Andrea Robinson, a beauty industry insider and author of Toss the Gloss, who explained that the carcasses are used for carmine, which is what gives deep red its pigment. Red lipstick, blushes, and eye shadows have it and you can see that on the label.

Dr Oz: Cheap Makeup Clones

Next, Dr Oz shared that there are many “makeup clones” out there, which means you could spend far less money on pretty high end products. Andrea explained that major corporations have many brands from the high end of the spectrum to the low end of the spectrum as far as price points. Corporations have a cosmetics laboratory where they develop a certain ingredient and then add it to products on both ends of the price point spectrum.

Department stores and drugstores have similar products. To show this, Andrea brought a department store version of an eye shadow compact that costs about $60, while the other costs about $6. Andrea said packaging is the main thing at department stores, which adds to the cost as well as environment.

Dr Oz: How To Find Cheaper Makeup

Andrea said you should go online, Google a product, and find a drugstore brand that is made by your favorite high end company. She said you can tell from the ingredients, claims, and advertising.


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