Dr Oz: Color Marker for Grey Hair & Argan Oil Frizzy Hair Tips


Dr Oz: Hair Quick Fixes

If you’ve ever seen celebrities on the red carpet, you know that a lot of work goes into their appearance, with people spending time on everything from their outfit to the minute details of their makeup and hair. Do you want to know what goes into creating a great look? Dr Oz invited celebrity stylist Louis Licari to share some solutions for typical hair disasters and how to fix them at home. His advice included using a Color Marker for Grey Hair and Argan Oil Frizzy Hair Tips, among other advice.

Dr Oz: Argan Oil Frizzy Hair Tips

Stylist Louis Licari shared hair advice, including Argan Oil Frizzy Hair Tips, with Dr Oz's audience.


Louis Licari said the most common cause of Hair Disasters is using the wrong products for your hair. With summer on the horizon, women are trying to achieve sleek seasonal looks, but flatirons can damage your hair. Using too many products can cause other problems as well. Dr Oz already shared a Beer Split Ends Remedy, so now here are some more hair solutions from the show.

Dr Oz: Argan Oil Frizzy Hair Tips

Sabrina was in the audience, and she complained about her flyaway hair. She’s tried blowing and straightening to get things under control, but can’t seem to get a handle on her wild hair.

Louis shared his Argan Oil Frizzy Hair Tips, saying the key is to apply Argan Oil as you blow dry your hair. Louis tried it out on Sabrina, and she loved the look it gave her, calling it “healthy and bouncy.” Just add a few drops of Argan Oil to your hair before you blow dry. As an added bonus, you can use Argan Oil on your skin to fight wrinkles.


Dr Oz: Color Marker for Grey Hair

Nancy said she’s always trying to keep grey hair out of her look, but she can’t stand to spend the money on constant color treatments she knows aren’t very healthy. Louis said you can use a Color Marker for Grey Hair in between beauty salon visits. Just use the marker to paint out the grey hairs, and you’ll have to make fewer hair appointments, which will keep your hair healthier in the long run.

Dr Oz: Hairspray in Thin Hair

Rebecca said that she notices her hair thinning on top as she gets older. With little volume at her roots, she doesn’t know what to do. Though Dr Oz recently shared advice on Keratin Powder for Thinning Hair, Louis had more advice. He said you can lift your hair from the roots and spritz hairspray on that way, making sure to let it dry. You can also bend over to spritz your hair at the roots before flipping it back in place.

Dr Oz: Hair Glaze Highlights

Cara said her hair was overly highlighted, which she feels ages her appearance. Louis said she can get a Hot Oil Treatment, followed by a glaze, which would give her highlights a better appearance. Glaze doesn’t have peroxide, which damages the hair. Will you be trying any of these hair solutions for yourself?


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