Dr Oz: Christie Brinkley Anti-Aging + Vegetarian Diet & Skin Care


Dr Oz: Christie Brinkley At Age 61

Dr Oz shared that Christie Brinkley has been called one of the most beautiful women in the world for years. Now, at the age of 61, she’s even more beautiful than ever and everyone wants to know what she does to stay looking so young. She joined Dr Oz to reveal her anti-aging secrets.

Christie started by sharing that believes a lot of her beauty has to do with how grateful she is for everything. She said “your age is determined by your attitude.” She said she finds something to love about every minute of wherever she has to be.


Dr Oz: Christie Brinkley Anti-Aging Secrets

Dr Oz: Christie Brinkley Anti-Aging + Vegetarian Diet & Skin Care

Dr Oz talked to Christie Brinkley about her tricks for staying young at the age of 61. (Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz showed a picture of her on the cover of Sports Illustrated when she was 20 and then a picture of her on the cover of People Magazine at the age of 60, and it’s remarkable how little she’s changed. Christie said she never thought that would be how she would celebrate her 60th birthday. She said she’s much more concerned with how she feels than how she looks, because when you feel great you look great.

Obviously when Christie started modeling 40 years ago, it was completely different than it is now. She said she’s involved in a campaign called Better Than Ever that is using “more experienced” ladies and putting them in a position where they’re basically being idolized by young men. She said there’s a movement to expand what we think of as beautiful and include women of all ages, ethnicities, and sizes.


Dr Oz: Cindy Crawford Unretouched Photo

Dr Oz then showed a picture of Cindy Crawford that was posted online, showing what she and her body look like without photoshop and sparked a debate about retouching photos in magazines. Christie said she shared a dressing room with Cindy no more than a year ago and she looked beautiful.

Dr Oz: Christie Brinkley Diet

Christie said one big clue to how she stays so young is her three kids. She said they have many passions and she just tries to keep up with them. Her next secret is her vegetarian diet. She became a vegetarian when she was a teenager because she read about slaughterhouses. She also realized that she was getting health benefits from the diet.

She typically has her dinner in the morning, explaining that she loves leftovers because she finds that they sustain her energy throughout the day. Her leftovers are generally some sort of grain like quinoa, lentils, and a bunch of colorful vegetables, all mixed together, sometimes with oil and vinegar. Dr Oz explained that this meal takes care of eating too much sugar in the morning. She also really enjoys drinking warm water with lemon in the morning.

She also makes coconut coffee creamer to put in her cup of coffee. She enjoys making cappuccino art in the morning. She also takes a probiotic and snacks on berries. She shared that she got the idea from watching Dr Oz because she constantly watches the show while taking notes. For dessert she’ll enjoy a frozen banana made into ice cream.

Dr Oz: Christie Brinkley Skin Care

Christie has a specific way of exfoliating and caring for her skin. She has exfoliated every day for 40 years because at the beginning of her career she saw an article about how men look five years younger than women because they shave and the daily exfoliation causes faster turnover of the cells.

She has her own skin care line and she made an exfoliater with tiny jojoba beads. She doesn’t even add water to her face before applying the exfoliant, and makes small circles with her fingers to avoid pulling on the skin. When she’s finished exfoliating, she said her skin feels so soft and is ready to “accept her day cream.” She also uses her day cream because she loves being outside but wants to avoid further skin damage.

Dr Oz: Christie Brinkley Hair Extensions

As for her hair, Christie said her hair used to be really full, but once stress started to take over, she turned to hair extensions. The extensions only use three clips, so there’s no sewing required. She put them on Dr Oz to show how easy they are to put on. You can even put on more than one for layers.


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