Dr Oz: Ch’Arms Shapewear Review & How To Dress For Your Body Type


Dr Oz: How To Dress For Your Body Type

Losing weight with Fat Burning Recipes & Raspberry Ketones is an exciting goal. But what do you do about your unflattering figure in the meantime? To help everyone learn to dress for their body type, Dr. Oz invited celebrity stylist Stacy Cox to share her fashion insights with the audience.

Stacy believes that your body type doesn’t limit you from feeling and looking good. Her first tip for everyone is to avoid baggy clothing, which is unappealing and doesn’t look good on most of us, even if it is comfortable.


Instead, Stacy explained you should downplay the things you don’t like, while showcasing your best features.

Dr Oz: Dress For Your Body Type

Stacy Cox showed Dr. Oz's audience how to highlight their best features in choosing a wardrobe.

Doctor Oz: Big Butt Clothes

The first audience member getting a makeover from Stacy showed up in a short skirt that drew attention to her lower half. Instead, Stacy put her in dark pants and a long jacket that covered up her rear.


Stacy said you can use your finger and hand to measure the length of a skirt and ensure it’s covering your butt. She also suggested flared jeans for this body type, because they draw the eye downward.

Dr Oz: Big Belly Makeover

Tammy was another audience member who didn’t know how to dress for her body. Her jeans weren’t the right size, and her shirt didn’t fit either. It all drew attention to her large belly.

To give her a better look, Stacy dressed Tammy in a Sheath Dress that smoothed out her curves and played up the slender areas of her body. She completed the look with a blazer.

Dr Oz: Big On Top Fashions

In her Before photo, audience member Lauren wore a cap sleeve shirt, which stopped midway down the arm and can create the illusion that your top half is bigger than it is.

Ch’Arms Shapewear Review

For this, Stacy turned to Ch’Arms Shapewear, putting Lauren in a ¾ sleeve. This is a compression garment that works its magic on the arms, allowing women to go sleeveless in the summer without feeling self-conscious.

You can also wear Ch’arms underneath other layers during the colder months. Shop for Ch’Arms Shapewear.

Dr. Oz: Big Thighs Makeover

Next up was Toni, who doesn’t like her thighs and covered them in a bulky, dark outfit that was too big for her. This was hiding her waist, which Stacy said looked good and should be shown off.

Stacy used a bright ruched top and suggested a big necklace for Toni, to help draw eyes to the upper section of her body.

Dr Oz: Big All Over Fashions

Gwen said she feels that her body is big everywhere, so she typically wears baggy clothes. But there is a solution for this in Gwen’s bag of tricks as well.

She pulled out a skirt and sleeveless top, finishing it with a belt to highlight the legs and waist.

Did you get any helpful hints for your wardrobe? What are your fashion secrets for highlighting the best and ignoring the rest?


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