Dr Oz: Cellulite Seaweed Scrub Recipe, Bromelain + Endermologie Review


Dr Oz 5-Day Cellulite Experiment: How To Get Rid of Cellulite

Are you tired of seeing Cellulite in the mirror? Dr Oz had a new 5-Day Cellulite Experiment to unveil, which he tried out on real viewers and fans of his show, thanks to three experts and their strategies. Check out a Cellulite Seaweed Scrub Recipe, get more Bromelain, or experiment with Cellulite Suction Massage.

Dr Oz: At Home Cellulite Seaweed Scrub Recipe

Dermatologist Dr Jeanette Graf said that her remedy focused on exfoliation and stimulation for microcirculation, to promote fat drainage. She said her secret ingredient is Seaweed. Seaweed Creams can be pricy at spas or salons, but you can make them yourself for just about $5.


  1. says

    I wanted to ask is the best skin products contain matrixyl? Can you explain this more on your show ? Do the products have to be matrixyl 3000? How affordable are these products? Ty Ms. Hawley

  2. Jan Crane says

    I had watched the Dr.Oz show June 5th 2014, about pineapple and cellulite, I was wondering did it make a difference on the pineapple, can it be can pineapple (Dole brand), or does it have to be fresh?

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