Dr Oz: Cellulite Seaweed Bath, Psoriasis Beer Bath & Turmeric Bath


Dr Oz: Exotic Bath Remedies

Dr Oz spent some time exploring Weight Loss Worldwide Secrets to uncover the hidden health benefits that are sometimes found in other cultures. Continuing on this international trend, his next segment focused on the interesting baths that are effective for treating some symptoms. Find out how an Arthritis Turmeric Bath, Psoriasis Beer Bath, and even a Cellulite Seaweed Bath can soothe or cure common ills.

To demonstrate the effects of these remedies and explain more about them, Dr Oz invited three members of his audience to come up on stage and take a bath. (I would normally think this was odd, but on Dr Oz, anything goes, right?) Actually, Dr Oz wanted them to figure out what was in each bathtub.


Dr Oz: Arthritis Turmeric Bath

Dr Oz: Cellulite Seaweed Bath

Dr Oz shared creative and affordable bath remedies for health issues, such as the Cellulite Seaweed Bath.

Sunny was the first audience member on the spot. She stepped into the brown bath and Dr Oz explained that her remedy is also a popular spice in foods from India. She guessed Turmeric, which is the right answer.

Dr Oz said that Turmeric is a popular bath aid that can reduce joint inflammation for Arthritis patients and also may stimulate weight loss. He suggested trying 1/2 cup of Turmeric in your bath water.


Dr Oz: Psoriasis Beer Bath

Jody was Dr Oz’s second audience contestant, and she actually had to taste her bathwater. She said the water itself looked flaky. She could taste something, but was more affected by the familiar smell. The answer was beer.

Before you dismiss this as crazy talk, German researchers have discovered that the hops in beer actually do have significant medicinal properties. If you have skin problems such as psoriasis, this could be a useful and soothing remedy. Try adding two cups of hops and a bottle of beer to your bathwater.

Dr Oz: Cellulite Seaweed Bath

Finally, it was Donna’s turn to figure out the secret ingredient in her bath. She said the texture was slimy, but the smell was familiar. (That’s a strange sensory combination.) Donna finally guessed Seaweed, which was the right answer.

Dr Oz said that Seaweed Baths are common in the Mediterranean region. Just add three or four sheets to your bathwater and you’ll get a relaxing and affordable Cellulite bath remedy.

To get even more Cellulite advice, check out Dr Oz’s Cellulite Mask Recipe.

For participating in Dr Oz’s bath contest, his three audience members won spa trips. But now you know how to create your own spa at home with these bath tricks. Just don’t try them all at once.


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