Dr Oz: Carbamide Peroxide Ear Cleaning Prevents Hearing Loss or Damage


Dr Oz: Simple Fix for Hearing Loss

What do you think is the biggest cause of hearing loss? Dr Oz revealed that it is actually earwax, and he picked someone from the audience as an Assistant of the Day to explain what to do about this. Learn how Carbamide Peroxide is a key to helping keep your ears clean safely, which will improve your hearing.

Dr Oz: Carbamide Peroxide Ear Cleaning Prevents Hearing Loss or Damage

Earwax could be causing your hearing loss, so Dr Oz taught us how to use Carbamide Peroxide to keep our ears clean safely, without Q-tips or ear picks.


Martina and her mother, Debbie, teamed up to help Dr Oz explain that we all get earwax. How often do you clean your ears? Using a special camera, Oz looked inside Martina’s ear, where he found hair and a little wax.

Dr Oz: What is Earwax For?

Debbie chimed in and said that Martina once had to visit the doctor to have her ears cleaned out. Earwax buildup is a major cause of hearing loss, and Dr Oz showed us something disgusting: a large specimen of built up earwax, shaped in the cast of your ear canal.

But what is it for? Dr Oz compared earwax to eyelashes or nose hair. Wax, made from dead skin and secretions, is meant to protect the membrane from pollen and bacteria. When you chew, earwax should move at about the rate your fingernails grow, eventually flaking and falling away.


Dr Oz: Q-Tips, Ear Pick & Earwax Vacuum

Sometimes, ear wax grows too large too fast and is not moved or dislodged by chewing. That can cause hearing loss because your ears are blocked. Martina demonstrated how she might use a Q-tip to clean her ear, but she only managed to compact wax into the area, compounding the problem.

When you use a tool call an Ear Pick, you could puncture your membrane or deafen yourself. As for the new earwax vacuum, it can easily become clogged or even suck up your ear membrane.

Dr Oz: Carbamide Peroxide Ear Cleaning

Dr Oz said it’s time to get back to basics for cleaner ears. You can soften the wax using Baby Oil, Mineral Oil, or Carbamide Peroxide (NOT Hydrogen Peroxide). Do this once per day for three days to loosen and melt the wax. Then use a turkey baster full of saline water to rinse out your ears. This will help you hear better and keep your ears clean.



  1. clint says

    I have a blocked sensation in both my ears
    I have been to several doctors who have given me decongestants but nothing has helped me.
    I have been to two specialists
    The both gave me nasal drops and have told me that it’s a mystery why my ears r blocked .
    Pls help

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