Dr Oz: Brown Sugar Avocado Oil Hair Scrub & Hair Dye Color Remedies


Dr Oz: Healthy Hair Remedies

Hair is one of the body’s biggest beauty areas. What are your biggest hair problems, and what can you do to protect your hair? Dr Oz invited stylist Rodney Cutler to share his advice with the audience, especially when it comes to dry or brittle hair.

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Dr Oz: Brown Sugar Avocado Oil Hair Scrub

Does Frizzy Hair have you frazzled? Find out how Dr Oz's Brown Sugar Hair Scrub Remedy can help!

Rodney Cutler told Dr Oz it’s a myth that you have to shell out big bucks at a top dollar salon to keep your hair looking its best. Finding the right home products can also help you get quality results and healthy hair.

Doctor Oz: Limp Hair Remedy

Wendy was in the audience, complaining about her limp hair. No matter what she tries, it still seems lifeless and uncooperative.


Rodney said that overuse of products is the most common cause of this issue. That’s because product can weigh the hair down. Wax or silicone in your shampoo could be building up over time to create limpness.

Dr Oz brought out the Skin Sculptor to examine Wendy’s scalp. He found that she has some dry, crusty areas that also indicate she is using too much product. If untreated, this problem can escalate into an alarming medical issue, causing clogged pores and even hair loss or infections.

Dr Oz: Brown Sugar Scrub Hair Remedy

If you have problems with dry, limp hair, you can try a Brown Sugar Scrub to alleviate the symptoms. Mix two parts Brown sugar with one part Avocado Oil. Then rub the mixture into the hair in a clockwise motion. This will moisturize your hair and break down product buildup at the same time.

Dr Oz: Faded Hair Dye Remedy

Lauren complained that her color fades too quickly, even though she gets it dyed every two weeks. Rodney told her that the culprit is probably a bad shampoo.

Dr Oz: Hair Dye Color Remedy

If you are having trouble maintaining the color in your hair, you can do something about it. When the color begins to fade, shampoo your hair. Then spray one of these ingredients onto your hair, making sure to apply it evenly. Then let it sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing and applying conditioner.

  • Blonde Hair – Chamomile
  • Brunette Hair – Espresso
  • Red Hair – Beet Juice

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