Dr Oz: Brittany Gibbons + Plus-Size Body Confidence


Dr Oz: Plus-Sized Advocate

Dr Oz shared that Brittany Gibbons is a woman on a mission. She’s a plus-sized mother of three with the face and body of a movement encouraging full-figured women to embrace their size. She’s a popular blogger who shared her trademark style and humor with readers, but some posts were cruel, going as far as to question how she landed a husband and whether she should be dieting rather than posting about food. The worst part is that all the comments came from women.

Dr Oz: Brittany Gibbons + Plus-Size Body Confidence

Dr Oz talked to Brittany Gibbons, the woman who is inspiring thousands of others to be confident in their own skin, no matter what their size. (flickr)


Gibbons launched Curvy Girl Guide, an online magazine, and opted to become a swimsuit model at the age of 30. She walked on a catwalk in the middle of Times Square and wrote a book called Fat Girl Walking. Today, Dr Oz wanted to talk about how facing her fears, changed her life forever.

Dr Oz: Promoting Body Acceptance

Brittany shared that she was terrified to stand there in Times Square, but most importantly she was tired of not seeing anyone who looked like her wearing a bathing suit outside of their own bedroom. She said there’s nothing more sexy or womanly than wearing a bathing suit, and it’s the next best thing to being naked. She said being able to put a standard that’s more achievable, was most important to her.

Brittany said if you love something, you take care of it, but when asked if she felt a compulsion to lose weight, she said she didn’t. She said she’s the heaviest she’s ever been, but she’s also the happiest and the healthiest, which is really important. She’s incredibly active, she’s a “TRX junkie” and runs four times a week.


Dr Oz: Struggling With Body Confidence

Dr Oz said some will say the hardest thing to do is get up from the lounge chair and walk to the pool and Brittany said the most important question you can ask yourself is “do you want to lose another day to this?” She said you shouldn’t lose another day of your life because you don’t like your arms, or your legs, or are uncomfortable in a bathing suit.

Brittany received photos of 300 women posing in their bathing suits, responding to her bravery, saying they were inspired by her. One of those women was on the show and her name was Tabatha. She was on the show in her bathing suit! She said Brittany has personally encouraged many people, and described her as a mentor and a sister. She said a year ago, so she was so depressed, but a year later she’s in a swimsuit in front of everybody.

Was Brittany’s story and message inspiring to you? Do you wish more people would have an attitude like Brittany’s?


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