Dr Oz: Where Does Botox Work Best? GABA Cream, Matrixyl & Dermaxyl

Botox in a Bottle: New Creams That Work Like Fillers

Botox can be expensive, so it’s a good thing that is not your own weapon against wrinkles. Check out the benefits of GABA, Matrixyl and Dermaxyl, as seen on Dr Oz.

Dr Oz viewers compared their wrinkles to venetian blinds, eagle’s claws, train tracks and dog’s jowls. Dr Oz invited some of these women to his stage to learn what they can do about their most troublesome wrinkles.

Dr Oz: Where Does Botox Work Best?

Dr Oz: Where Does Botox Work Best? GABA Cream, Matrixyl & Dermaxyl

Want to rid wrinkles without springing for Botox? Dr Oz and a dermatologist offered four brand name products you can try at home for wrinkle relief.

Dr Lori Brightman, a dermatologist, told Dr Oz that Botox works as a neurotoxin, paralyzing the muscle, smoothing the skin and preventing it from wrinkling. The expensive injections may not be right for everyone, but there are alternatives.

Where does Botox work best? Dr Brightman said that it is most effective in the eyebrows, forehead, crow’s feet, and the 11s, vertical wrinkles between the brows that look like the number 11.

Dr Oz: GABA Firming Eye Cream Reviews

Skip the doctor’s office and try these affordable home alternatives. GABA (Gamma Amino Buteric Acid) works on the muscle’s neurotransmitters, preventing contractions. Dr Oz explained that this works beneath the surface of the skin.

When something like GABA cream is used properly, it smooths the skin and relaxes the tension in your muscle. Apply a pea-sized amount to trouble spots once per day. Increase to twice a day if your skin reacts well to this treatment.

Dr Oz: Matrixyl & Dermaxyl Ingredients

Do you want to plump your loose skin? Dr Oz’s next tip with dermatologist Dr Lori Brightman involved the ingredients Matrixyl and Dermaxyl. Brightman said that these types of products can be used all over the skin’s surface for a fresh, plump appearance.

Make sure these are listed in the top few ingredients. These ingredients are found in many common and popular beauty products, including:

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