Dr Oz: Black Garlic, Jicama, Purslane & Jerusalem Artichoke Benefits


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Superfoods

Whether you’re looking for more energy, better diet results, or ways to keep yourself looking young and beautiful, Dr Oz is the source for health advice. He shared Diet Myths, Energy Supplements & Rice Bran Oil on his show. He also explained how Black Garlic, Jicama, Purslane, and Jerusalem Artichoke can help you hang onto your best, most beautiful looks.

Dr Oz: Black Garlic

Dr Oz's beauty & anti-aging remedies included Black Garlic, Jicama & Jerusalem Artichoke. Find out how these natural ingredients keep you looking young.


Denise was in Dr Oz’s audience, and she said she tries to eat a healthy, high fiber diet to keep herself looking young, despite chasing after one-year-old twins all the time. She wanted to find out how to manage her Crow’s Feet and Eye Circles, and Dr Oz had plenty of advice for her.

Dr Oz: Black Garlic Beauty Secret

Dr Oz said that Black Garlic is fermented and darker in color than what you cook with. It can work magic on damaged skin, and it’s twice as antioxidant-rich as cooking garlic.

Find Black Garlic at your health food store; you’ll notice it’s more expensive, but also less pungent than regular garlic.


Denise tried out some Black Garlic Bread and gave it her seal of approval, promising to make it for her own family.

Dr Oz: Jicama Wrinkle Remedy

Crow’s Feet are a common beauty complaint when it comes to aging. Jicama is a common restaurant ingredient, and it’s full of Vitamin C to boost the body’s natural Collagen levels and reduce wrinkles. Find it at your grocery store.

Dr Oz: Jerusalem Artichoke Eye Bag Remedy

Do you have Dark Circles under your eyes that you can’t get under control? Dr Oz may finally have the answer for you. Try the Jerusalem Artichoke, which has five times the iron of the average potato. It’s in grocery stores, so be sure to ask on your next shopping trip.

Dr Oz: Purslane Health Benefits

Through the years, it’s important to keep your insides looking beautiful as well. Check out Purslane, which has Omega 3 Fatty Acids. It works internally to lower your risk of Heart Attack or Stroke. You can stir it into your Yogurt or add it to Scrambled Eggs so you’re sure to start your day off on a healthy note.


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