Dr Oz: Black Currant Oil, Primrose Oil & Biotin Hair & Skin Supplements


Dr Oz: Black Currant Oil & Beauty Supplements

Summer is almost here, and even after Dr Oz’s Summer Survival Guide, you might still have a few questions about how to look your best through the warmest months of the year. Dr Oz shared some supplement beauty secrets to help you save big on Primrose Oil, Biotin B-Vitamin, Black Currant Oil Supplements and more on today’s Super Supplement Show.

You can also learn his best Supplements for Hunger Cravings, Belly Fat, Fighting Cancer & Anti-Aging Miracles. Dr Oz’s Beauty Booth opened for business, and he suggested ways to help his audience with their most pressing beauty complaints.


Dr Oz Black Currant Oil

Dr Oz said Black Currant Oil, along with other supplements or vitamins, could unlock hidden beauty secrets.

Dr Oz Supplement Reviews: Primrose Oil for Crow’s Feet

Davisha was the first client in Dr Oz’s beauty booth. Now that she’s in her 30s, she’s noticing more Crow’s Feet, which she never thought would happen at her age. She confessed that she has tried using beauty products to correct this, but she doesn’t know whether they’re working.

Dr Oz said you can try a Primrose Oil Supplement for Crow’s Feet. The recommended dosage of 500 mg twice a day is easy to take by adding 30 drops of Oil to a glass of water.


Dr Oz Supplements: B-Vitamin Biotin Review

Chrissy was the next audience member who shared her beauty issues with Dr Oz. She said she dislikes her short nails, but has trouble getting them to grow longer without cracking or splitting. She’s even tried an Olive Oil Nail Soak, but she’s still not getting results.

Dr Oz suggested the B-Vitamin Biotin for healthier, stronger nails. He also said she should take this in addition to soaking her nails in Olive Oil.

Dr Oz Supplements: Black Currant Oil Review

Tara complained in the Beauty Booth that she can’t find the right hair product to give her the looks she wants. She’s also a frequent flatiron user, which leads to problems with Split Ends.

Dr Oz suggested trying Black Currant Oil for healthier, rejuvenated hair. He told her to try 500 mg twice every day. Tara and Dr Oz sampled it and reported it tastes kind of bitter, but I guess it’s worth swallowing if it works.

Dr Oz: Multivitamin Reviews

Dr Oz even shared his own daily vitamin and supplement routine, which keeps him looking camera friendly. He revealed that he takes half his regimen in the morning and the other half at night. He sticks to bottles that are labeled with 100% daily value of vitamins, including A, C, D, E and K.

Dr Oz Vitamin Reviews: Calcium & Magnesium

Dr Oz takes a combination of Calcium and Magnesium every day, combining 600 mg of Calcium with 400 mg of Magnesium. He suggested taking this a few hours after your morning multivitamin.

Dr Oz Vitamin Reviews: Vitamin D3

He also takes Vitamin D3 every day to keep his skin looking healthy. He suggested taking 1000 IU every day, which also gives you DHA Omega 3, benefiting your brain and your heart.

Dr Oz Vitamin Reviews: Baby Aspirin

It’s always a good idea to keep your heart healthy, and that’s why Dr Oz takes three Baby Aspirin each day. He recommended taking them at night, and the added bonus is that this keeps your blood flowing properly through the body.

Now that you’ve checked out all of Dr Oz’s super supplements, which ones are you thinking about trying for yourself?


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