Dr Oz: Ayurvedic Massage: Udvartana Paste & Steam Massage


Dr Oz: Ayurvedic Massage

Diets can be a struggle, but the Ayurvedic Massage techniques from Dr Oz revealed that you don’t have to work out or stick to fad diets to lose weight and improve the body’s digestion. In addition to a Hot Lemonade Recipe, the show featured Udvartana Paste Massage, Svedanam Massage Steam Baths, and Shirodhara Massage. Sounds relaxing, right?

Candace Badgett is the owner of Raj Spa, and she shared some home versions of time tested ancient spa methods you can try out at home. If you’re feeling generous, treat your significant other to one of these massages.


According to Candace, these treatments will refresh the body. Since she put them on the menu at her spa, she’s been amazed by the results, such as one male client who lost 40 pounds in two months, thanks in part to an intensive massage program.

Dr Oz: Ayurvedic Massage

Dr Oz's Ayurvedic Massage techniques from a professional spa let you relax and detox at home.

Dr Oz: Udvartana Paste Recipe

For a home beauty spa day, nothing makes a massage better than throwing in a facial treatment as well. You can give yourself an Udvartana Paste Massage to tackle both goals at once.


This paste uses special herbalized oils to increase friction, stimulating the body and helping to reduce cellulite. Here’s what you need to create the paste:

  • Chickpea Flour
  • Herbal Oil
  • Kapha Oil (for Spring)
  • Pitta Oil (for Summer/Fall)
  • Vata Oil (for Winter)

Mix these ingredients to the consistency of peanut butter. Then apply it to your face, letting it sit for about five minutes. Rinse it off.

Dr Oz: Svedanam Steam Massage

Removing toxins from the body and balancing your hormones are keys to relaxation and great health. Svedanam Massage helps you achieve these goals. It’s a full body oil massage, followed by a steam bath or sauna treatment. When you’re done, put a cold towel on your head. (Try sticking it in the freezer to get it cold quickly.)

Dr Oz: Shirodhara Massage

The last of the day’s ayurvedic massage techniques is called Shirodhara. It involves pouring a stream of oil across the forehead in a rhythmic pattern. Candace said this can help you release stress and tension, which could otherwise cause you to gain weight. Dr Oz volunteered to get this massage as a demonstration; his job is not without its perks.

The oil pour unleashes happy hormones. If you’re looking for a less messy way to do this at home, jump in the shower and let the soft warm water pour over your forehead.


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