Dr Oz: Avoid Red Bikini Line Bumps + How To Cover Spider Veins


Dr Oz: Embarrassing Beauty Problems

According to Dr Oz, one of the most searched topics on Google right now is reports that Taylor Swift insured her legs for $40 million. Dr Oz said that got him thinking about what beauty questions people often ask Google, and how he could provide solutions himself.

Dr Oz: Avoid Red Bikini Line Bumps + How To Cover Spider Veins

Dr Oz tackled beauty problems women are commonly too embarrassed to talk to their doctors about, including irritating bikini line bumps and spider veins. (betsssssy / flickr)


Dr Ellen Marmur explained that patients often share their problems with Google rather than their doctors because doctors can be intimidating and the skin is a personal thing. She said people don’t want to admit that they have a rash or something else, but the problem is that they could be getting incorrect information.

Dr Oz: Red, Irritating Bikini Line Bumps

Dr Oz asked his audience members to Google their most mortifying skin problems and his expert panel has been scrolling through them. The first one they chose was red, bumpy rash in the bikini line. One woman admitted that she was the one who Googled it. She shared that she’s had the problem ever since she started shaving, waxing, or using hair removal creams.

Dr Marmur said to never, ever be embarrassed about a skin condition. She then explained that one thing you can do to prevent the bumps is to put baby oil on the area the night before to soften the hair follicle and your skin. Then, take a 10-minute warm shower, and use moisturizing shave gel when shaving the area. Also be sure to use a sharp, fresh razor, because the sharper the razor, the less traumatic it is to the hair. If you can, shave in the direction of the hair.


According to Dr Marmur, studies show that 36% of what you remove when you shave is actually the skin. When you get out of the shower, use a body lotion on the area to condition the skin, and use a body scrub twice a week. If your bikini line becomes irritated, use a warm compress on the area.

Dr Oz: How To Cover Up Spider Veins

Dr Oz then welcomed celebrity makeup artist Cindy Watson, who was ready to tackle an audience member’s concern about getting rid of spider veins. Cindy said she hears it all the time, and the good news is that you can very easily take care of this problem.

A woman named Denise shyly joined Dr Oz and shared some of the small spider veins on the back of her legs. Dr Oz explained that they are actually caused by sitting for a long period of time, so excuse me as a I walk a quick lap around my house!

Cindy shared that you can take some peach-toned makeup and cover the blue-ish patches. Right on top of that, cover it with a flesh-toned makeup. She suggested using foundation that matches the shade of your legs. You only need a dime-size amount on a sponge, and be sure to dab and press the makeup onto your skin, rather than rubbing. Also, allow five minutes for the makeup to dry. Would you try this technique to cover up your spider veins?

Dr Oz: Hide Sagging “Turkey Neck”

Lastly, Dr Oz tackled concerns about how to get rid of a “sagging turkey neck.” Jennifer Williams, a reality TV star, shared that she’s always looking down at her phone, so she’s nervous she could get turkey neck. Dr Oz welcomed a woman to join him who first asked about how to hide the sagging skin. Dr Oz then explained to her and the rest of his audience that if you’re really leaning over to constantly check your phone, you’re putting 60 pounds of pressure on your neck, as opposed to just 12 pounds when you’re looking straight forward.

Jennifer shared that she’s not a fan of plastic surgery, and she likes to use special creams to firm and uphold her neck. Dr Marmur said you want to apply the cream upward toward her face. Jennifer then shared that bronzer is your best friend. You want to choose a bronzer that is the same color as your arm. Brush your entire neck with the bronzer to reduce the appearance of your turkey neck.

Make sure not to use a bronzer that has a lot of shimmer in it. Will you be applying bronzer to your neck to hide sagging skin?


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